Start a Food Truck Business to Make Money

Start a Food Truck Business to Make Money

If you like to eat and trust your food, you can look at food truck business ideas. In this way, you can start making money by doing your own business.

Food trucks are a very popular culture especially in all over the America. These trucks are often found in work-intensive centers, such as financial district. It is a very profitable business for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. Because at a busy working pace, people cannot even find time to go to a restaurant and eat their lunch. When this happens, they are looking for practical and delicious food that they can quickly grab and eat.

Food truck business ideas

Food truck business ideas

Food trucks is a system that is based on the practicality and not to waste time. The food trucks opened especially in the places where the plazas are dense, bring a lot of profit to their owners. Another feature of these trucks is not only to sell food. By selling coffee at the same time, you can make a lot more profit. Go to the street at 8:00 in the morning and look at people’s hands. Everybody has a coffee cup. People who try to catch up with work prefer to take coffee quickly and continue on their way. If you have mastered the characteristics of this market and want to enter the sector, every information you will need will be with you in this article.

Create your business plan

Create your business plan

Where Should You Start?

  • Get to know your customer profile: You need to start by looking for where to sell. You should investigate the customer needs in the area where you will sell and park your food truck. You don’t want to leave your job with a certain investment because of incomplete research. Carry out customer research and understand what service is missing in the area.

Then you have an idea about your competitors. See customer profiles and review their menus thoroughly. You don’t want to create a food truck of exactly the same concept. So find out what’s different and more innovative.

Food truck business plan sample

Food truck business plan sample

  • Choose the food truck that suits you best: Choose the food truck that suits you best. Choose a truck that can fully fit your internal equipment and provide you with ease of operation. Then personalize this food truck. Customers can easily distinguish your truck from others. Be original and unique.

Once you have done all this, obtain the necessary license to sell and fulfill your legal obligations. Each region has its own legal requirements and parking conditions. You can start by researching them thoroughly.

  • Carefully create a menu: You need to define a concept for your food truck. From this concept, you can attract the attention of your customers by preparing an interesting and intriguing menu.
  • Create your business plan: Creating a good food truck business plan sample always gives you the advantage. Going planned will prevent any disruptions you may encounter. Your food truck success rate will increase.
Food truck business profits

Food truck business profits

How Much Is Your Initial Cost?

Initially, your biggest cost item will of course be your truck. The following list lists all the costs you will need to get into this business:

  • Food truck: $8.000-$100.000 (depending on your budget)
  • Generator: $3500
  • Advertising: $1000
  • Equipment’s: $1000
  • Truck wraps: $500

These are initial and one-time costs. If you think you buy an average food truck, your one-time costs will be on average between $ 40,000- $ 50,000.

Taxes and regular monthly payments are not included in this collection. An additional $ 2000 may be added.

Street food business profit

Street food business profit

How Much Profit You Can Make?

Food truck business profits are very relevant to where you sell. If you do business in a busy business and plazas area, you can earn $ 500,000 per year.

Street food business profit is quite high. This is because street food is very popular. Instead of eating at high prices in restaurants, people prefer to eat cheaper than practical and very tasty food trucks. By entering this sector you can make quite high profits and become the boss of your own business.


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