Owning a 7-Eleven Franchise

Owning a 7-Eleven Franchise

The franchise system is increasing day by day. People want to make money in a short time by using a well-known brand instead of dealing with brand promotion. It is a system that is used by people who want to start new business. 7-Eleven also offers people the opportunity to franchise. If you want to get started with the 7-Eleven franchise, there are some issues you need to investigate. These: 7 eleven net income, 7 eleven income statement, 7 eleven franchise application, 7 eleven franchise profit, 7-eleven franchise success rate. After researching these, you make a clear decision whether you really want to invest in this company. Our article contains explanations about these issues.

7 eleven franchise application

7 eleven franchise application

7-Eleven Brand Description

7-Eleven was established in 1927 as a market chain. Headquartered in Dallas, the company has more than 60,000 companies operating in 17 countries. At first, it was opened at seven o’clock and closed at eleven. It became a 24-hour store. One of the world’s leading markets. This retail chain company offers successful franchise opportunities.

Why 7-Eleven Franchise?

People who want to start a business take advantage of the franchise. Of course, a profitable franchise like 7-Eleven has too many advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below:

  • You use the brand’s reputation.
  • Collaborate with a brand that cares about customer needs.
  • It makes the payments of dealership such as electricity, gas and water.
  • You won’t need advertising and marketing.
  • The franchise system of this company does what the other companies do not by sharing the gross profit with the franchise owners.
  • It is the financing of operating expenses.
  • You benefit from high return rates.
7 eleven income statement

7 eleven income statement

How Much Does A 7-Eleven Franchise Cost?

Your first fee varies between $ 100 000 and $ 1000000. The fee may vary depending on the gross profit of the store. The price may vary depending on the location and operation of the store.

7-Eleven Financial Information

Total gross profit is obtained by subtracting the cost of goods from net sales. This gross profit division is obtained as follows. From 45% to 59% of total gross profit, franchise expenses for 7-Eleven are deducted and 7-Eleven net income is generated. You earn your net profit by subtracting franchise sales expenses from approximately 41% – 55% of total gross profit.

7 eleven net income

7 eleven net income

How To Buy A 7-Eleven Franchise?

7 eleven franchise application will make it easier than you think. You can have your store in 3-6 months. There are also franchise sales representatives to assist you. In order to invest in a 7-Eleven franchise, you must meet certain requirements. Some of these are:

  • You must be a US citizen.
  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • You must have all licenses required for business.
  • Your financial position should be sufficient.
  • You must not have filed for bankruptcy in the last seven years.
  • You must have solid work experience.
7-eleven franchise success rate

7-eleven franchise success rate

If you have these requirements, the next step is to apply. After you submit your application over the Internet and share your information, the sales team will call you to speak.

Certain stages are waiting for you after the application. These stages:

  • You will participate in assessments that measure your personality and business information.
  • The next stage will be to select one of the available stores.
  • You will then be offered an offer and if you accept, you will be able to open your own 7-eleven store.
  • The last one is a 3-day training course.
7 eleven franchise profit

7 eleven franchise profit

Contact For Franchise

If you feel that you meet all the requirements or would like to know more about the terms, please do not hesitate to contact the company and get support.

Contact number: 1-800-782-0711

In addition, if you fill out the form on the site, the franchisee will return to you.


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