Marco’s Pizza Franchise Cost & Fee

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Cost & Fee

Delivery pizza is a highly competitive business. If you want to be a part of this competition and become a leading actor here is the marco’s pizza franchise review for you. For more than 40 years with 900 locations today, Marco’s Pizza stands out from the others in the approximately $45 billion pizza industry.

The Company is so assertive such that conduct a four-month study with a focus group. The study was made by an independent research center. Among the participants, 72% of them who tired Marco’s pizza said they’d consume it again and willing to pay for it. It is more than twice of the people who intend to purchase other pizza delivery franchises.

marco’s pizza franchise review

marco’s pizza franchise review

Information About Marco’s Pizza

The Company established in 1978. Although it is Italian-born in roots, the Company prefers to start in Ohio. Just one year after the establishment, the Company start to franchising. Now, it is one of the leading American restaurant chains in 34 states of the US. The restaurant starts international franchise sale beginning with Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and India.

Marco’s Pizza makes and sells various sizes and recipes of pizza and soft drinks. Other than pizzas, there are secondary products like chicken wings, cheesy bread, and sandwiches.

Why Should I Choose Marco’s Pizza?

  • The delivery pizza products have Italian roots and reinterpreted for the other customers.
  • The Company is experienced in delivery pizza approximately for 40 years.
  • It is one of the fastest growing pizza companies in the US.
  • The delivery pizza produced by the Company is at least as good as the products of a gourmet pizza shop. Moreover, it is cheaper and affordable for many people.
  • The ingredients used in the products are fresh and convenient. Pizza dough is made daily in every store using the special recipe of the Company. Similarly, the sauce is made from the Founder’s original recipe. The cheese is 100% real, fresh vegetables and frozen cheese and vegetables are never used. The stores are using only premium meats.

Moreover, the success and the prestige of the Company is approved by many authorities in the market.

  • In 2018, Marco’s was ranked 25th prestigious company among 500 franchises by Entrepreneur magazine.
  • Marco’s was included in the annual top 200 list of the Franchise Business Review. It is a list showing the best systems for franchisee satisfaction.
  • In 2016, Nation’s Restaurant News ranked Marco’s the second fastest growing restaurant chain.
  • In 2017, Pizza Today’s magazine ranked Marco’s the eight pizza company in the US.
marco's pizza annual sales

marco’s pizza annual sales

How Does The System Work?

Do you watch marco’s pizza undercover boss episode in which the President and COO of the Marco’s Pizza undercover and visit the franchises to see what is happening inside? If you watch, more or less you know how the system works.

The franchisor is Marco’s Franchising, LLC. The franchisee produces pizzas with the same quality and recipe with Marco’s. Depending on the Store, the franchise may not require to sell secondary products.

There are three types of franchising options:

  • Limited Seating: There are limited or no seats in the facility. Generally, it is not for consumption at the place but take-home style of franchising.
  • Expanded Seating: There are designated areas for seating and consuming the products in the facility.
  • Special Venue:  These are located in places where non-food services taking place. For instance, hotels and resorts, airports, shopping malls, convenience stores, sporting event centers etc. where Marco’s Pizza Store is established and operated.

The franchisees receive a protected area that the size of the region may change. If there is no size indicated in the agreement, the franchise is responsible for a 1.5 miles radius from the Store’s front door. The area for delivery is also defined by the franchisor.

The initial franchise term between the Company and any franchise is 10 years. If requirements are met, the agreement can be renewed two more times and 10 years for each.

marco's pizza net worth

marco’s pizza net worth

What Should I Do?

First of all, demand franchise report including information on franchise costs and fees, information about the business, startup costs and marco’s pizza annual sales.  Choose the type of the franchise and fill the online application form in the website. In the form, there is a part for location preference. You are expected to sort your three preferences.

If you meet the requirements, you should attend training programs. Once you complete these programs, you can start your business.

How Can I Find The Right Location?

The better the location of your Store means the higher the chance of success.

The Company classifies the states into three categories: available markets, high focus target markets, unavailable markets. You can choose your location from the first two categories and the right location should have:

  • Good visibility
  • Parking area
  • Easy access
  • Dense population
  • Flexibility in property
  • High traffic

From high traffic, the Company understands 20,000 cars driving past per day.

Marco’s look for an ideal location for all franchises and prefers suburban areas with high density.

Training and Support

Marco’s offers an initial training program for all franchises. Owners who work full time in the Store, otherwise two designated trainees should complete this initial program. The initial program generally takes 6 to 8 weeks. The courses are in the center of the Company in Ohio if the franchisor doesn’t prefer any other place. Franchises are expected to offer training programs for the employees in the Store. These courses should include the issues described in the related parts of the Manuals.

marco's pizza franchise review

marco’s pizza franchise review


You should have necessary staff, equipment, and delivery vehicles in terms of both quality and quantity. The minimum standards should be performed for the Operation of the Store and franchisee should work in maximum capacity and efficiency. Franchisees should produce and sell all the goods and services required by the Company.

Costs and Profits

The Marco’s Pizza Franchise initial cost changes depending on the type of the franchise:

  • between $383,780 and $528,330 for a limited seating franchise.
  • between $383,780 and $762,530 for an expanded seating franchise.

The total initial investment you need depends on the number of the restaurants you want to operate, the sizes, their locations etc.

You are required to have at least $100,000 in the liquid asset. Moreover, marco’s pizza franchise net worth required is $350,000.


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