Make Money with House Sitting

Make Money with House Sitting

Today, people are constantly looking for new jobs. Babysitting, pet sitting next to the profession is currently in vogue house sitting. Don’t you want to make money by living in someone’s house while someone’s away? It is both effortless and enjoyable. There are people who make this a way of life. There are also people who do this work only in their spare time. For example, in the summer, students can do this to earn money.

Luxury house sitting jobs

Luxury house sitting jobs

Thanks to our article, you will be informed about luxury house sitting jobs, paid house sitting jobs, paid house sitting jobs abroad.

House Sitting Jobs Responsibilities

If you want to take part in this sector and collect good references, you have to fulfill certain responsibilities nicely. You will generally be responsible for the house for days or months. You should therefore learn your responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are:

  • Cleaning the pool in the house.
  • Dealing with grass and plants.
  • Read the mail and inform the host.
  • Responsible for cleaning the house.
  • Protect the house against thieves.
  • Forward incoming messages to the phone.
  • If the host has a pet, take care of it.
Paid house sitting jobs

Paid house sitting jobs

How Much Money Can You Make With House Sitting Jobs?

Paid house sitting jobs is not a profession that will save you a lot of money. It is more suitable for flexible people. These people should be able to do paid house sitting jobs abroad. The salary you receive is less. Some contracts even allow you to live only at home. If you are retired or free, you can enjoy these houses. However, you can also receive money for certain jobs. For example, if you have a pet at home and you take care of it, you will get paid. Fees may vary depending on your daily work, the size of the house, the availability of pets. You can earn between $ 20 and $ 50 per day.

Paid house sitting jobs abroad

Paid house sitting jobs abroad

Why Choose House Sitting?

Choosing this job will give you certain advantages. Some of these are:

  • You are free except for certain responsibilities.
  • You may feel like you are vacationing in a beautiful house.
  • If you are a student it is a convenient place to study.
  • You will have free accommodation.
  • You can visit many parts of the world thanks to paid house sitting jobs abroad.
Luxury house sitting jobs uk

Luxury house sitting jobs uk

How to Find House Sitting Jobs?

Most of these jobs do not provide salaries. But if you love nomadic life, free accommodation is better for you than income.

You can find paid house sitting jobs in the following ways:

  1. Indeed

Indeed is a site where you can find house sitting jobs. You can also find cat and dog care from this website.

  1. TrustedHousesitters

You can find reliable house sitting jobs by making annual memberships on this site. It is a comprehensive site where you can see domestic and international business opportunities.

  1. Mind My House

You are required to sign up for an average of $ 20 per year. You can then find house sitting jobs without pets.

Luxury house sitting salary

Luxury house sitting salary


If you like exotic places, you can find suitable house sitting jobs on this site.

  1. Luxury House Sitting

You want to spend your life living in luxury houses. Luxury house sitting jobs is for you. Membership is a bit high-paid and has fewer jobs than others. A list of luxury house sitting jobs uk jobs is available on this site. You set the luxury house sitting salary in your contract with the host. This amount will vary depending on the location, size of the house, and the work you do.

  1. Others

Here are some other House sitting jobs you can find:

  • Nomador
  • House Sitters America
  • House Sit Match
  • The Caretaker Gazette


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