Make Money With Handmade Jewelry

Make Money With Handmade Jewelry

In this article, we are going to talk about making and selling jewelry from home and learn the most important tips of it.

Did you know that almost 70 percent of Amazon’s sales consist of jewelry sales? You can check out if you do not believe. Handmade jewelry sale is a huge business all over the world. Why not be a part of this market? We believe you can earn a good profit from starting a jewelry making business.

best place to sell jewelry online

best place to sell jewelry online


Low cost start up. Everybody knows that even though the jewelry we buy cost a good amount of money, making it doesn’t require much. There are websites like Etsy, where you can buy very cheap materials.

It is fun. Making a jewelry is not like doing a boring part time side job. It uses your art and creativity. That is how you make money doing your hobby.


Now, let’s see  the tips of how to make money selling jewelry from home.

Decide on what to sell. Before starting, it is important to choose your niche. That is being said, you have to choose the type of jewelry you are going to make. Bracelets, bindis, belly chains, broochs, belt buckles are some of the examples you may consider.

Decide on pricing. You can make a desicion after searching the net. But there is a simple formula to calculate the cost. Two x (supplies per jewelry + the labor + overhead) – this is going to give you the selling price per jewelry.

Make a business plan. This is one of the most important parts, since without a good plan of your business, you wil get lost lately.

Get an account of payment processing. You should open PayPal account or any other payment processing account for getting the payments of your products.

Be creative. It may not seem as important, but it is really worth to do  brainstorming and come up with at least one creative idea. This will make more people choose you.

Wear jewelry you make. After coming up with creative ideas, make your new pieces and wear them. People will get interested and ask you about them. That is when you talk to them about your new business.

Make a website. Making a website is one of the best ways to make people informed about your job. If you know how to do it yourself, it will not cost you much. But if you do not, you may have to pay a few hundred dollars for it. This is one of the important steps making and selling jewelry successfully.

Advertise. If you are doing this job online, it would be smart using Google Adsense as an advertisement tool.

sell jewelry online from home

sell jewelry online from home


Since it is a huge business, there are a lot of people doing it and there are a lot of resources you can find online. Let’s see 3 of the websites you can use for learning jewelry making.

YouTube. You probably have guessed it beforehand! There are more videos than you can think of. There are videos on how to sell jewelry online from home, as well. Just make some time.

Craftsy. It is a great website for learning how to make craft.

The Jewelry Loupe. It is a jewelry blog, where you can find a very helpful information as well.

making and selling jewelry successfully

making and selling jewelry successfully


After we answered the question of how to make jewelry to sell online, let’s see the actual profit you can get.

The prices of jewelers are extremely different from each other, depending on the type and the materials used. That’s why let’s make a calculation based on hourly profit. It is found that the average price jewelry makers make per hour is $20.

If you work 6 hours a day it makes $20×6=$120 per day.

And $120×30=$3600 per month. It is the approximate money you will be earning doing your hobby. This again shows that making jewelry is a profitable way of making money at home.

making and selling jewelry from home

making and selling jewelry from home


Internet is full of advantages these days. One of the most important ones in our case is being able to sell your craft without leaving your house. There are plenty of websites for selling, but we think the most effective ones are:

Facebook. Facebook is extremely good nowadays in advertising market. You can advertise in Facebook for a very cheap price. But you can be sure that it is more than worth it.

Your own website. No website is good as yours. It is the best place to sell jewelry online

There are some reasons to it, the most important of which is that you decide on the webpage content yourself, you do not spend extra money for giving advertisement and it makes people get you more serious.

Etsy. You probably have heard of this one. Etsy is a website where people sell handmade stuff. On of the questions to how to sell jewelry online successfully.

Amazon. Amazon also has section to sell your handmade things. It is an internationally well known website, selling where increases your chances of higher profit.


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