Make Money with Guide Tours Services

Make Money with Guide Tours Services

Unfortunately, many people today cannot do the job they love. You can make good money in some jobs but it can be very boring, or, you can do something you love, but you can’t make good money. If you are a traveling lover and looking for work, become a tour guide is perfect for you. If you’re wondering how it works, what do you need for job, what are the costs, and how much money can you make, you can just continue reading become a tour guide article.

Tour guide

Tour guide

Main Task Of a Tourist Guide And What Personality You Need?

The main task of the tourist guide is to introduce the touristic area, establish good relations with people and remain calm in the face of a problem. However, become a tour guide may not be as easy as it seems. To be a good tour guide you need to know all the features of the tourist area to visit. You must provide appropriate answers to all questions asked by travelers. The guide should always be practical and should be prepared for the worst possible scenarios. But most importantly, tour guide should be able to get along with people and make them love him/herself.

Guide tours services

Guide tours services

Requirements of Tour Guide

To become a tour guide you must have a tour guide license. There are two ways to get a tour guide license.

  • The first of these is to graduate from universities that provide education in tourism guidance or tour guidance. After graduating from these departments, you should be able to speak at least one language not including your native language.
  • The second way to become a tour guide is to attend courses in your state. of course you must have certain requirements to participate in courses. The requirement to attend the course is to graduate from university, speak at least one language as your mother tongue, clean criminal record, and at the age of eighteen.
Guide tours

Guide tours

Where and How You Work?

You graduated from the university or obtained your license from a state course. Congratulations, you’ve passed the hard part. Let’s mention about the cost of become a tour guide. Unlike most jobs, tour guidance is quite cost-effective. You have two options to do this job.

  • First of all, to become a tour guide, you can work in tourism agencies, and you will able to work part-time or full-time. As there are many big companies in USA such as, Expedia Inc., Priceline Group, American Express Global Business Travel etc. you can also work in small agencies connected to these large companies. There is no cost to start work in these companies as a license holder. If you do not have much experience, it would be best for you to start working in such agencies.
  • Secondly, as a tour guide you can arrange your own tour. First you need to get to know the region you will organize the tour. Then you need to prepare brochures to win customers. The cost of preparing 1000 brochures is about $50. You have to decide which means of transport to use. For example, if you want to arrange a tour by bus, the rental cost will be $1200- $1500 per day. You must also provide breakfast and lunch service each day. That’s about $ 70 per person. Finally, you should arrange accommodation for your customers. It varies between the rented room and the destination area, cost will be between $50 and $500 per room per day.
Become a tour guide

Become a tour guide

How Much Money Can You Make?

If you work for an agent as a tour guide, you will receive money per tour you attend. At the start level, a tour guide can earn $20 per hour minimum. Along with overtime, a three-day tour can make about $ 300. If you are organizing your own tour;

  1. The brochure costs $50.
  2. The average price of a room for two people is $ 300. The total cost of a 3-day tour for 50 people is $22,500.
  3. A person’s daily meal cost is $70. Total cost for a 3-day tour for 50 people would be $10.500
  4. Finally, if you choose to rent a bus, it is 1200 dollars per day. $3.600 in total.

Your total cost will be $ 36,650 for 3-day tour. If you can give a price of $ 1000 per person for a 3-day tour, your total income will be $ 50,000. At the end of 3 days your total profit will be $13,350. if you can arrange a tour every month, your annual income will be a total of $ 160,200.


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