Make Money With Baby Sitting

Make Money With Baby Sitting

If you need extra money and enjoy with caring for the kids, you can earn a substantial amount of extra money by babysitting. Although it was perceived as a side job for young people, it is also becoming widespread among adults.

What Is Babysitting?

Some time after the baby was born, parents should continue their work. Sometimes they want to go to the cinema, theater alone. In such cases, they need a caregiver. They are lucky if grandmas, granddads are around. If not, babysitters are one of the best choices. Because

  • They are flexible. Even nights or early mornings, you can find a babysitter to care for your children.
  • You don’t have to take children out of the house. Generally, they accept to take care of your children in your house.
  • Although babysitting can be done in kinder garden’s generally they are one-by-one. Your child will be given a special interest.
  • Certainly, it is the only way for children with special needs.
Make Money With Baby Sitting

Make Money With Baby Sitting

The Advantages of Baby Sitting

Why you should choose babysitting to earn extra money?

  • You are generally well-paid.
  • You can arrange the working period. In that sense, it is flexible.
  • Generally, it is a huge plus for your resume.
  • If you are planning to work with children, it is an excellent opportunity.
  • It makes you become a more organized person.
The Advantages of Baby Sitting

The Advantages of Baby Sitting

How Does The System Work?

In past, the system was generally working through personal networks. Parents leave their children to one who they know, students in the neighborhood or the one who is referenced by friends.

Today, like many other things, the internet has changed the babysitting process. Today, most of the babysitting jobs are published in online platforms. They are special applications only for babysitting.

In these platforms, other than friends’ references, the comments and ratings of third parties are used as references. Once parents hire a babysitter, they also write and rate him/her and help other parents to decide.

Another issue is where to care for children. You can do it at parents’ house as well as in your own house. Sometimes you can do it in kindergartens. It depends on first to your preference, second to job offers you will get.

What Should You Do?

First of all, you should start with analyzing who needs a babysitter now. You should prepare everything according to your answer.  These are some alternatives you can use to find

  • Create an online page. In this page attach your resume. Write your story. Your story should include why you love kids, your experience, and some funny stories with kids. Put some pics with kids.
  • Prepare promotional materials like brochures, business cards etc. to distribute neighborhood.
  • Join online communities. There are online communities sharing experiences about parental experiences, children and take advice from other parents. Generally, there is also a section for a job posting.
  • Join an agency. You can leave your CV to local agencies.
who needs a babysitter now

who needs a babysitter now

The Requirements For Being A Babysitter

First of all, you should be aware different children have different needs. Nevertheless, all parents care some common points while looking for a care giver.

  • DBS check is not necessary but is an advantage.
  • The more experience you have the more you preferred.
  • If you do it before, take recommendation letters from parents of your children.
  • A formal degree is not required, but it is an advantage. Moreover, most of the states require you to take some classes like “Safe Sitter” courses.  The curriculum includes childcare essentials, injury management, preventing problem behavior, safety, babysitting as a business etc. CRP certification is another advantage for the job.
  • If you prefer to make it in your own house, you should ensure that your hose is safe and clean for a child. There are many online videos can be found when writing “baby/childproofing homes” or “house safe for children.”
  • Being a nonsmoker is a big advantage. Even parents are smoking; they will probably prefer babysitter who doesn’t smoke.

Responsibilities Expected From A Baby Sitter

According to’s 2017 research on babysitting, parents expect babysitters

  • To feed children
  • Put children to bed
  • Read to them
  • Play games and sports
  • Offer parent approved TV shows, movies, apps etc.

In the same survey, parents don’t want babysitters to be distracted by their phone and share photos of children on social media platforms.

Who Can Do It?

Generally, babysitting is accepted as a side job for students. In most of the cities, the minimum age is 14 years. Besides, the mothers who have already bring up own children are also one of the most preferred sectors.

How Much Time Should I Spend?

The schedule of the working day is depending on you. However, once you accept the job probably you should stay with children at least 3 hours.

Another issue is the preference of parents about hiring period. According to the survey of mentioned above:

  • 10% of the parents hire a before school sitter while 13% higher overnight sitters.
  • August is the most popular month.
  • New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and Halloween are the most popular holidays.
  • The most three type are date night sitters, daytime sitter and after school sitter.

According to this research, in general, you are expected to work 6-8 hours a day.

How Much You Can Earn?

The average rate for babysitters is $14 per hour. Probably, you will also get a tip at the end of the day.  Based on this, you can earn $60-$100 a day.  It is a broad range since the payments depend on many factors like location, experience, demands etc.

  • Sitters hired for before and after school is paid approximately extra 2 hours per hour.
  • Half of the parent willing to pay an extra $3 per hour for a last minute sitter.
  • If you have a safety training, early education degree, child care certification etc. probably you are paid more.

How I Can Find Babysitting Job?

If you find babysitting as an attractive job, the last question is how to find babysitting jobs? Don’t worry, it is easier compared to past. There are several applications:

  • Sitter City: You can sign to website free. They post new jobs frequently. The platform offers you background check or $15 or $60. Once you buy this service,  a tag will be shown in your profile showing that you passed.
  • It is the largest and expansive application among all. Free membership is available. You generate a profile and apply for jobs.
  • Urbansitter: Free app that you set your schedule and wage. Parents can communicate with each other. As a result, the successful babysitters are rewarded more.
  • Sitter: This platform has paid upgraded accounts that give you some advantages compared to others.
  • Bubble: One advantage of the application is connecting your profile with social media account. As a result, parents are able to check your profile to learn more about you that yields a better fit.

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