Make Money With An Ice Cream Stand

Make Money With An Ice Cream Stand

The ice cream stand is a good alternative for extra money. The sector is huge and still have a big potential. Ice cream shop start up costs are relatively low. You can make a difference with small touches and this may turn back as a huge amount of money. These make ice cream business also a good new business enterprise.

Every year, the US ice cream market alone exceeds 1.53 billion gallons. This means, only ice cream sales reach 5.4 billion annually. When you count the other items like ice cream accessories, it doubles.

Make Money With An Ice Cream Stand

Make Money With An Ice Cream Stand

How Does The System Works?

There are varying ways to earn money by ice cream. One of the most profitable one is making own ice cream; however, you should have technical information and professional certificates for this. If you don’t, you can also earn money with selling prepared ice cream.

  • Stand Alone Store
  • Kiosk/Buildouts
  • Trailer
  • Mall Store Front
  • Double Drivethru

can be some alternatives to make money by ice cream. You can also do ice cream carts to make money.

Finding the right location is one of the main factors for your sales. For an ice cream stand, good operating locations include:

  • Food courts of shopping malls
  • Beaches
  • Small storefronts on main streets

It can be fixed in a location or mobile. Both have its own advantage. For instance, the fixed location creates a constant audience for you. On the other hand, a mobile stand will give you a flexibility to go your customers. Other than these, you can also buy franchises of the most popular brands. Some of the brands will be introduced in the last part of the article.

Ice cream shop start up costs

Ice cream shop start up costs

What Should You Do?

Like many other jobs, to get satisfactory ice cream business profits you should make a good business plan and go through step by step.

  • Decision about the product: You have many options to sell with ice cream in ice cream stands. Frozen yogurts and sticks are the most popular one. You can also find other variations of ice cream products.
  • Promote your special product: Today, people make choices according to the specialties of the companies. For instance, a customer may prefer your cherry ice cream, while going somewhere for cacao ice cream.
  • People should find you: One of the most important things is availability. People should know when and where they can find you and you should be really around at that time. If you prefer to be mobile, it is better to use social media accounts.
  • Upselling: To increase your sales, interact with your customers and try them to taste your other products or demand more.
  • According to Cold Stone Creamery’s report, the most popular day for ice cream sales is Sunday. On the other hand, Mashable finds that the trucks are busiest on Mondays. Accordingly, make your truck available on these days.
ice cream business profits

ice cream business profits

Requirements Of An Ice Cream Business

In most of the states, there are strict laws about the street food vending. The legal requirements include:

  • What should you do?
  • The prohibitions
  • Where are you allowed to sell?
  • Places you cannot make sales.
  • What can you sell?
  • The equipment in your stand and vending cart.

First of all, you should contact with local entities like Health Department and Department of Environmental Services. You should learn at least the issues pointed below:

  • The regulations about the street food vending;
  • The type of food that can be sold in the street;
  • The regulations on handling, storing and serving the foods;
  • The necessary licenses, if there is any;
  • Requirements for equipment, preapproval inspection;
  • Hygiene policies;
  • Regulation about garbage;
ice cream shop owner salary

ice cream shop owner salary

For instance, most of the states in the US don’t allow for street food vendors to operate from residential kitchen. Instead, you are required to operate a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen. It is called commissary. In each day, you are expected to report to the commissary about the food you prepare for serving. You should also report that the equipment appropriates in terms of hygiene policies.

Then contact with the Business License Department to learn the conditions to obtain a business license. Moreover, you obtain necessary insurance. Some states also require criminal background check.

If you want to make advertises on billboards, you should search for the conditions based on competition law.

Costs and Profits For Ice Cream Business

If you are able to create your own ice cream both technically and legally, a basic ice cream maker costs approximately $50. By this way, you can diversify your products with ice cream sticks, bars, sandwiches etc …

The startup cost of an ice cream stand starts from $2,000. The maximum amount will be $10,000. These will vary depending on the size of your business and the method you are using. In general, you will operate in seasonal basis.

The ice cream shop owner salary can be considered as a seasonal salary. The work continues only three or four months. Still, you have the potential to earn more than $50,000 within this period.

do ice cream carts make money

do ice cream carts make money


There are a variety of companies selling ice cream franchise.

  • All American Ice Cream Franchise

Net Worth Required: $250,000

Total Investment: $90,050 to $224,300

Liquid Capital Required: $35,000+

Opportunities: Guidance in store construction process; extensive training,

  • Angel’s Ice Cream Franchise

Net Worth Requirement: $50,000

Total Investment: $50,000 – $250,500.

Liquid Capital Required: $40,000

Opportunities: 50’s style store, turn-key store designing; equipment, menus and permits; pre-opening training; special guidance for Grand Opening Day; training for management and employee

  • Ben and Jerry’s Franchise

Net Worth Required: $300,000

Total Investment: $90,050 to $224,300

Liquid Capital Required: $80,000

Opportunities: international reputation; guidance on training and support teams; four store models; continue research and development; co-branding opportunity with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

  • Maggie Moo’s Franchise

Net Worth Required: $250,000

Total Investment: $243,800-$333,500

Liquid Capital Required: $75,000

Franchise Fee: $33,000

Opportunities: site evaluation and selection support; assistance in lease; guidance in grand opening; assistance on a regular basis; extensive training program.


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