Make Money Through User Testing

Make Money Through User Testing

Do you want to earn extra money online through a consistent and less-time-consuming way? Then user testing jobs or website testing is one of the options for you.

The website owners demand tests since being user-friendly is the first and foremost thing for a website or app. If a website is difficult to use, finding what you need will take a lot of time and even impossible. Many people leave the site because of the difficulty in use.  Today most of the companies get user testing service to get a real-time opinion about their website or app. And they improve their product accordingly.

Make Money Through User Testing

Make Money Through User Testing

What Is User Testing?

For businesses, user testing is an invaluable service today. Since websites play a significant role to reach, engage and convert online customers, they should be organized such that people are able to use easily.

In fact, companies invest a lot of money in web design and development. Not to make this investment a waste, they take the testing issue seriously. It is important not only for shopping but also for the security of the company. Because of these, they really want to be sure it works securely and quickly.

As a tester, you are expected to make sure the website you are working on is easy to navigate. It means you can find everything you need quickly.

How Does User Testing Works?

In this process, there is a customer who is the owner of a website or an app as a product. A customer wants to learn what an average user thinks about her product. She is willing to pay some amount of money in return of the opinions of people about her product. The offers may include one of the following.

  • Navigate user testing websites and report strong and weak sides.
  • Spend some time on the website/app then answer some questions.
  • Install software to record activities on website/app.
  • Online conversations about a product.
  • Video recording while navigating website/app.
user testing websites

user testing websites

Start Earning Money With User Testing

There are online platforms connecting companies with testers. You will find a short list of these platforms below.

First of all, sign in to these platforms to get information about job offers. Registering more than one platform will increase the chance of getting information about available offers.  Some platforms are also sending emails about the offers fits your characteristics and demographics.

Offers are limited in participation and “first come first serve” rule applies. As a result, you should follow the offers actively to earn money.

Once you complete the task, you may be paid immediately or the company may wait until the acceptance of your opinion depending on the working principle of the company.

The Requirements Of A Website Tester

In fact, there is no special quality job requires. The companies are generally looking for an evaluation of international products. Speaking and writing in English is an advantage. In addition, you should have the equipment:

  • Updated PC or Laptop
  • High-speed Internet connection

Some companies require webcam for online conversations. You may need screen capture software of app. to join offers of these kinds of companies.

How Much Time Should I Spend?

Typically, testing a websites takes 15 to 30 minutes including the report. If the company orders special tasks then the time may decrease or increase. For instance, she may demand you to describe the alternative routes you use to reach a specific page.

How Much Money Could I Earn?

User testing is a source of extra money for your kitchen shopping or cinema tickets. Although, how much you will get paid to test website depends on the company, your experience and the difficulty of the task, on average you are expected to be paid $10 per website test.

If you are able to visit 5 sites/apps a week, then you can get $200 per mount by only spending less than 30 minutes a day.

get paid to test website

get paid to test website

Companies That Will Pay For Testing Websites

There are many online platforms that match companies with the right testers. The most popular ones, how they work and the special requirements summarized below.

  1. UserTesting

It is one of the most popular companies in this field.

  • Not only for websites but also get paid to test apps.
  • Get paid $10 for every 20minute video you complete
  • Get paid $10 for several tasks takes 1015 minutes.
  • You will be paid after 7 days you complete the task via PayPal.


  • A microphone
  • If you want to take mobile tests a smartphone.
  • Ability to download the company’s testing software
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Ability to speak in English.
  1. UsabilityHub

This platform is in the sector for about 10 years.

  • Use email and notifications to inform you about offers.
  • You gain credit for each feedback. On average each test is 12 credits. 1 credit equals to $0.10.
  • You can request a payout when you reach $10.
  • Payment made via PayPal.
  1. UserBrain

UserBrain expects you to test websites through their free Chrome or IOS app.

  • Customers will watch and listen to your responses in real time.
  • Sign up and download Company’s app.
  • On average, pays $3 per test
  • Pays weekly and via PayPal


  • Ipad or Iphone
  • Microphone
  1. Validately

The main aim of the company defined as helping product managers to build products that customers love.

  • Tests include usual website/app testing as well as “Live” test.
  • Live tests are made through talk via phone and do a screen capture for the customer.
  • Live tests take approximately 30 minutes in return of $25, whereas $5 is paid per other tests.
  • Payments are made via PayPal within 5 business days


  • Tablet or smartphone
  1. Userlytics

The company accepts testers from all over the world.

  • You are expected to record yourself while doing the test.
  • Tests take 1020 minutes.
  • Get paid $10 per test.
  • Payments made by PayPal as soon as your report is approved.


  • Webcam
  • Microphone

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