Make Money Through Indoor Plant Care Business

Make Money Through Indoor Plant Care Business

How to make money growing plants at home idea has become very widespread lately. Due to the developing apartment life, people were far from the garden culture. Growing of garden plants from home became widespread for those who want to keep the garden culture on their balcony.

How to make money growing plants at home?

How to make money growing plants at home?

Online plant business, which can also provide work from home, is something that you can maintain both as an effortless and as a hobby.You can find in our article how to sell plants from your home detailed.

Tips on Starting to Grow Plants from Your Home

Let’s look at tips for how to make money gardening business at home in substances:

1. You must learn all the subtleties of growing plants at home in a healthy way. You need to know which fertilizer to use in which plant species, which soil type is for which plant.

2. You have to decide what kind of plants to grow and sell. Because of growing some plants takes a lot of time, the cost of cultivation will increase.

Make money gardening business

Make money gardening business

3. It is more effortless to grow similar plant species. You can make money from similiar species.

4. You must create a work plan properly. And then you can buy the materials you need.

5. You should search for the necessary materials for growing plants, because It is more advantageous to buy materials wholesale.

How to Sell Plants From Your Home?

Growing plants is both enjoyable and profitable. There are many platforms where you will learn the tricks of growing and selling plants from home.

First you can learn how to grow plants at home. Some of the channels on the Youtube platform share very useful information about plant growing. You can take online plant business and plant nursery business ideas via Youtube chanells.

Plant nursery business

Plant nursery business

“Amazon” is a platform where you can sell almost anything. You can sell the plants you grow on this platform.

How to Make Money Growing Plants at Home?

After you have the nowledge where you can learn to grow and sell plants online, let’s explain how to sell plants from your home. 

There is a lot of plant type for growing. We will give you simple and best seller example to learn.

The cactus or succulent plant is cheaper than other flowers and so easy to grow and nursery. You can take a cactus and decorate it with a beautiful package. Another idea to use is you can make a terrarium using cacti and succulents.

How to sell plants from your home?

How to sell plants from your home?

Growing cactus that you can easily do at home and as a result you can make good gains is an easy and fun job than you think. Cactus is the easiest and most cheeky flower species to grow. It grows fast and is effortless. The cactus, which catches a remarkable population of the last generation, is also used in decorating houses, offices and in terrarium construction. Like cactus cultivation, you can decorate small and beautiful cacti and sell it on social media. In other words, you can have bulk areas or you can sell your individual. Cacti are now preferred as special gifts for special occasions.

Online plant business

Online plant business

The average cost of per cactus plant is 5 $.

The average cost of gardening soil for tropical plants is 10 $.

There is a simple formula how to calculate total cost of production:

2 x (The Labor x Overhead x Supplies per Plant)

Let’s calculate a simple total cost. For example you can work 7 hours in a day. And you prepare per cactus in 20 minute (packaging, flower to pot etc.)

420 / 20 = 21 cacti per day. You can prepare approximately 21 cacti per day.

21 x (5 + 0.5) = 115,5 $ per day.

115,5 x 30 = 3465 $ per month. You can earn average 3465 $ per month.


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