Make Money For Painting Houses

Make Money For Painting Houses

In this article we are going to talk about making money for painting houses, discuss painting business profits and give tips on how to start a painting business.

Why Start A Painting Houses Business?

Starting a business of painting houses has a lot of advantages comparing with many other services given. Let’s see what they are:

The market is large. Our houses do need to be painted constantly. And most of the times the reason of painting is not even a need, just a change of design. Be it this or that, there is always a growing need for painters in every state. This is a huge pluss in this market.

Low costs to start with. You will be spending a little money for your materials at the beginning and will be using them for a long time. The materials are not high in costs.

Easy to accomplish. We all do painting from when we are little. When starting a painting business with no experience we add a little practise to it, we can be a pro in  avery short period of time. It is not the type of job, that is considered to be heavy. If you are someone who loves painting, thisjob is not going to seem boring for you as well.

You can get a good income. This sector has very high paying jobs, which means you can get a pretty good income from it.

How To Start A Painting Houses Business?

After we answered the question why start a painting houses business, let’s now see the tips on starting painting buiness.

Make a business plan. Before starting up any business, you have to consider all the pros and cons and write everything about your business in order in a planned way. This is what we call as a business plan.

Register your company. If you are sure that you will get a good income from this job after making a business plan, you can start your registration process. At thiis stage, you may need to sign some contracts, agree to follow the general rules. Do not ever skip this part, you want to do your job the right way.

Get a lisence and insurance. Getting a lisence and insurance is a part of setting up your company. After this step, your registration will be done and you can get in actual work.

Buy painting equipment you need. Since you have finished all 3 previous steps, you are left with one more and that is buying the tools you need for your work. Do not get overexcited and buy too  much stuff that you will not need at the beginning. Buy only those you need with optimum price.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start Up This Business?

  • Insurance costs. The cost depends on your state, but should not be more than 100 dollars per month.
  • Equipment costs. At the beginning 1000 dollars is absolutely enough to get all your needs bought. Do not exagerate this shopping, buy only your general ened for your first work, this is one of the tips on starting painting buiness.
  • Bank Account. 100 dollars to open.
  • License. Costs 1000 dollars to get on average.
  • Business register. Cost of registering the business ranges from $50 to  $150.

How To Get First Jobs For Painting Houses?

Talk to friends, family and relatives. This is the traditional way  of getting people heard of your service. It is an effective one and may be your first jobs will be coming from this sphere. But keep in mind that it will stay in a small circle and after a while, no more people will be heard of your business. That is why do not skip this step but also do not stay limited to it.

Print out flyers. Flyers are a great way of advertisiment. It is an effective and cheap tool with a high return of investment. They are an important part of marketing.

Create a website. Making a website is another effective way for advertising since here you can choose your target region. It is also not considered as an expensive tool.

How Much Money Will You Earn?

There is a very simple formula to answer this question.  Here it is:

Revenue minus expenses equals to profit.

To give an example. Let’s say you get $4000 for a job.

Consider $2000 being spent for materials and the labor and $200 for marketing.

Then, your profit for this job is going to be:

$4000- ($2000+$200)= $1800

This is a pretty good amount of money to earn from ony one job. If you get at least 10 jobs a month, it makes $1800×10=$18000 per month; which again shows that it is worth getting into this business.


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