Make Money By Selling Your Clothes In Your Closet

Make Money By Selling Your Clothes In Your Closet

Most people have a lot of clothes in their closet that they liked and bought before. but most of them are not used anymore. Are you tired of thinking about what to do with clothes each wardrobe arrangement? You can sell clothes online for making extra cash. You can earn money by selling your clothes that you no longer wear but are clean and wearable. In this way, you can generate additional income and turn it into a small business.

Sell clothes online

Sell clothes online

Thanks to developing technology and phone applications it is possible to find second hand clothes easily. In fact, most people are now looking at second-hand products. People who are looking for affordable and smart shopping are directed to these mobile applications as the first thing. Also, the only way to make money by selling clothes is not online.  If you want to be a part of this sector and make money you can find all the necessary information in this article. If you’re curious about the budget you need to get started and how much money you can make from this, keep reading.

Ways To Selling Clothes In Your Closet

If you’re looking for where to sell used clothes for cash, there are many different ways to do this.

1. Online

Best place to sell clothes for cash is obviously online. If you’re thinking of selling your clothes through online mobile apps, it’s quite easy. All you need is a room with nice light and clothes taken at a beautiful angle.

Best place to sell clothes for cash

Best place to sell clothes for cash

Application suggestions you can use: eBay, Mercari, The RealReal, ThredUp, Etsy, Letgo, Instagram etc. These are also very clever markets where you can find brands and vintage products at an affordable price. You can both sell vintage products that you do not use for good prices and take advantage of various opportunities.

First thing you need to log into this application via phone or computer and create membership. Then you start making money by adding your bank account number to these applications. Then you take a photo of the clothes you install these applications and determine a price. Naturally, these applications take a certain percentage of the price you set. The remaining cash are sent to your bank account number you have given to the application.

Where to sell used clothes for cash?

Where to sell used clothes for cash?

2. Clothing Agencies And Second Hand Shops

You may not want to take pictures of your clothes and upload them. Or you may not just have time to do this. Here, then clothing agencies and second hand shops can help you. If your clothes are not defective and wearable, most clothing shops will want to buy them from you.

If your clothes are of high brand and second hand value, clothing agencies may want to buy them too. Companies that hire these clothes for TV series and movie sets will help you. Just search from Google ‘where can i sell my clothes for cash near me’, and you can just take your things and negotiate the price.

3. Garage Sales

If there is ample space in front of your house or apartment, you can make your own sales. Label your unused clothes and put them on sale by opening a small stand. In this way, the people you know in your neighborhood will be more likely to help you and be aware of your sales. All you need is a large desk and a few hours to you can be available.

Where can i sell my clothes for cash near me?

Where can i sell my clothes for cash near me?

How Much Money Can You Make In How Much Time?

In fact, the answer depends entirely on which platform you sell and how much clothing you have to sell.

If you are going to sell your clothes online, it is not possible to give a clear time about the sales period. However, with a nice marketing technique you can complete the sale in 1 week to 10 days. Since you can set the price yourself, it is possible to earn 200 dollars for an average of 10 clothes. The same gain applies to garage sale. This time, however, it is possible to sell and finish the products in one day.

If you’re going to sell clothes to a shop, your transaction ends immediately and you get your money instantly. However, clothing shops may not always give you the desired fee, so you can earn $150 for 10 clothes.


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