Make Money By Online Courses

Make Money By Online Courses

In this article, we are going to write about make money online training course and explain it in detail. If you have knowledge of any subject that you can teach someone, this article is for you.

Why Should I Prefer to Lecture on The Internet?

As you know, internet is widely used thing that makes our life easier, and we can connect to the internet everywhere. According to the Digital in 2018 Report data, today there are more than 4 billion internet users in the world. Namely, you can reach more than 4 billion of people through internet. However, if you lecture in the state you live in, you can reach only people where live in your state.  So, you can reach much more people and make much more money with online courses if you want to make money through giving lecture. You only need to know how to make money online courses.

Make Money By Online Courses

Make Money By Online Courses

What Do I Need to Give Online course?

  • To have knowledge about a subject that you are at the level of consultant. This subject can be about your profession, hobby or anything else. You should only determine a subject you are good at. Cooking, science, writing, sewing, sports, nutrition, rhetoric, foreign language, mathematics, gardening, health, baby minding etc. Then, the course content is also entirely up to you. You can create your course as you wish.
  • Pc/Laptop and Internet.
  • Microphone and Camera. Camera is optional and camera usage may vary depending on the subject.

How Can I Create a Course?

  1. You must specify your trainees’ age range, economical condition and social status according to the subject you choose.
  1. You have many options for course online. You must decide which way to choose. Each platform may not be suitable for every client profile.
  1. You should create the content of the course according to values of article 1 in this section.
  1. You should get materials that will be used in course.
  1. You should identify sales strategies and ways of attracting attention to the platform.
best courses to earn money online

best courses to earn money online

Ways to Create Online Course

You can use several ways to create a course.

  • Social Media and Online Meeting Platforms:  You can create a social media platform free. If you design your profile correctly and you can catch people’s attention, you can lecture on the online meeting platform like Skype. Assume that you create a 3-month course program for 15 trainee and earn $250 per trainee.

Your 3-month income is 15×250=$3,750.

A month income will be 3,750/3=$1,250.

If you prefer this way, you must collect money before the course start from trainees one by one. It sometimes can cause some problems about payment or communication. Also, they may not rely on you and may not want to pay at the beginning because they don’t know you.

  • YouTube: You can create a YouTube course account and give a course on YouTube. You can earn money for per view and with ads. But there are some risks on YouTube. Your profit never be obvious, because payments depend on how much time it watched and how many people viewed it. You cannot control who watches how many times. Suppose that you loaded 50 videos. Someone may view 10 videos, other one may watch first 5 minutes of 20 videos etc. So, your profit is not guaranteed.
  • Online Course Platforms: There are online platforms that are aimed to gather trainers and trainees on the Internet. You can create and sell online courses like online shopping. You can price courses, and use sell strategies, such as discount or promotion, for catch people’s attention. Payments and revenues are provided by the platform. Therefore, quality education can be done in a safe environment. Trainers and trainees are also guaranteed by the platform. So, online courses platforms are highly recommended.
how to make money online

how to make money online

Why Should I Prefer Online Course Platforms?

There are many reasons to choose the online course platforms that have recently become widespread. We mentioned above that safe training is provided for both trainer and trainee. In addition, we can list a few more features:

  • If you give course in more than one branches, the trainings are categorized according to their subjects and all your trainings will be of great interest.
  • They are suitable platforms for a wide variety of course because they are established for online training purposes. Infrastructure is adequate for education, and usage is easy.
  • Existing many categories can be inspiring, or you can create a course about a subject that was not previously presented as a course.
  • You can store video lectures and additional resources for a long time.
  • You don’t need effort to ads and promotions. Your trainees find you. You can concentrate on only your course and trainees.
udemy make money online

udemy make money online

Best Online Course Platforms

We searched best courses to earn money online for you.

Top seller online course subjects:

  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Design

Top preferred course platforms:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edX

Let’s Know the Udemy Platform

Udemy, founded in 2010, is the most popular online course platform recently. You can create a course free and sell it. Udemy is used by 16,000 trainers and 7 million trainees. Two-thirds of users on the platform, which are said to be used in 190 countries, live outside the US. In addition, students use the Udemy platform on their mobile device.

Finally, I would like to mention how to Udemy make money online and how to make money on Udemy platform. If the trainee becomes a member of the course with the reference of the trainer, the trainer earns 97% of the fee. If the trainee finds and buys the course accidentally as he surfs on the Udemy, the platform and trainer divide the money by 50-50. Assume that you create a 3-month course program for 15 trainee and earn $250 per trainee.

  • The total price is 15×250=$3,750.
  • Your 3-month income 3750/2= $1,875
  • A month income will be 1875/3= $625


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