Make Money by Online Courses

Make Money by Online Courses

Recently everyone is talking about the online courses. Don’t you want to make money online training course? And have a job that will save you money with the least effort and even while you sleep? The online course sector is a sector where you can earn money by simply transferring your knowledge without any contact with the participants. You can find in our article how to make money online and best courses to earn money online.

Make money online training course

Make money online training course

Maybe you’re thinking about offering online courses yourself, or you’re in the middle of launching your first online course. And especially if you do not have much personal experience with online courses and do not know how to create and sell online courses, your decisions should not be based on myths.

How to make money online?

How to make money online?

How Long Does It Take To Create Online Courses?

The duration of to create and sell online courses depend on the following factors:

-Time for the course

-The content of the online course

-Your knowledge accumulation

-The scope and quality of the online course

If you work full-time on your online course, of course you will be able to do this much faster than just working for an hour or two. However, you can still create your online course as a part-time job. But creating a fun course for months is definitely not easy for to make money online training course.

There are some topics that are very extensive in nature for online courses (such as programming), so it takes longer to create a high-quality online course.

Best courses to earn money online

Best courses to earn money online

If you already have a lot of experience creating online courses, it will be much easier for you to plan, create and sell online courses.  The best courses to earn money online are courses where you are most familiar with and can transfer the information you have.

However, your knowledge of the subject of your online course is just as important. If you take an online course on a topic where you are a real expert, you will probably need less research and you will have created the course faster.

However, ultimately, the quality and scope of your online course will be the most important factor. The content of the course you will create should be the best in your field.

Create and sell online courses

Create and sell online courses

Otherwise, you will not be able to sell your online course very profitably. Your course must be at least twice as good as the best course in your area. If you are the same or worse, you can only sell your online course price at its regular price, but this will remove your profits.

How to Make Money Online

The cost of an online course depends largely on what you already know and on which fund of lectures you can fall back. In addition, of course, the scope plays a role. You should be able to speak and cut a small lesson with one hour of video on one working day, with a maximum of two. For an extensive course with ten hours of video you need longer.

You can use the webcam and the built-in microphone of the notebook;

Then you cut it with a movie maker program that you can use. This works if you will not achieve optimal quality. With time you will upgrade to: First, maybe a good microphone (around 100 euros), then later better editing software, audio software, a better camera etc. It is important that you deliver from the beginning in terms of content very good quality, which is many users more important than a bit of reverb on the audio channel. This is the basic way that you can make money online training course.

That’s not realistically estimable. In fact, some online lecturers have already earned millions of dollars in the US. These are exceptions. Most coaches (Udemy make money online courses alone counts about 12,000) earn low triple-digit amounts.

Udemy make money online

Udemy make money online

The Udemy website is not even completely localized. This means that with language courses you can hardly hope for a very large audience. On the other hand, of course, this is a good opportunity to learn how to make money online.

Create and Sell Online Courses

There are basically four price categories for make money online training course, all of which are justified. The prices in Euro are about the same as in dollars.

Free: such courses advertise for another business (courses, services etc.) of the lecturer, so are designed as PR measures.

Under $ 20: These are courses on mass-compatible topics or in highly competitive niches. Still, you should not be content for less than an hour.

Under $ 100: The middle class. These courses contain between three and six hours of material and are often geared towards a smaller audience.

Over $ 100: Courses with at least ten hours of video you can classify into the upper class. They have about value and value of a weekend seminar. Typical here is a price of 299 euros.

When choosing a price, please also note that the Udemy marketing campaigns usually have significantly fewer coins in the cash register than the price tag.


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