Make Money as a Remote English Teacher

Make Money as a Remote English Teacher

Learning English is very important for most people. People want to learn English for many reasons. The most important of these is the use of English as the most common language, causing different opportunities, expanding your horizons. The importance of English is known by everyone. If you have knowledge of English, why not turn this into a job? You can teach English online. You get good income from your home by telling a topic that you are knowledgeable about. Especially during this period when people find it difficult to find a job, or when they are looking for additional work, you can make money as a remote English teacher. You can teach English online with no experience.

Teach English online with no exprience

Teach English online with no exprience

Who Can Teach English Remotely?

  • People who want to earn income by working from home.
  • People with good knowledge of English.
  • Teachers who want to make money on vacation.
  • People with teaching skills and patience.
  • People who have good communication with people and enjoy communicating with people from different cultures.
Remote English teacher

Remote English teacher

How Can You Make Money As A Remote English Teacher?

Here are the steps you need to take before you start teaching online English on the Internet:

  • You can start by selecting a company that suits you.
  • You should then contact the company.
  • You should interview the company.
  • Upload your documents and then edit your schedule.
  • You can start teaching English in a place with Wi-Fi connection.
Teach English online

Teach English online

Best Companies to Make Money as a Remote English Teacher


VIPKID is one of the oldest companies where you can teach English. It serves students in China. Teach English online salary $ 14-22 per hour. You do not have to work for a certain hour. You make the plan.

  1. DaDa

This site is suitable for people living outside the US and Canada. There is minimum 4 hours working condition per week. You will be charged between $ 15-25 per hour. In DaDa you must meet certain requirements. For example: your native language should be English or your language level should be BA.

  1. Cambly

You do not need a bachelor’s degree on this site. But your native language should be English. Allows you to chat with other people around the world. There is a charge of $ 10.20 per hour.

  1. Italki

You set the fee on this site. You choose the platform where the course will be taken. Non-English language teaching options are also available. If you are a professional teacher, you may be charged $ 25 per hour.

  1. EF (Education First)

You can earn $ 20 an hour by teaching English to children and adults on this site.

  1. TutorABC

If you have a university diploma, you can teach on this site. It is a Taiwan-based platform.

There are many more sites where you can teach English. These are just a few.

Online English teacher

Online English teacher

What Is A Remote English Teacher Salary?

Teach English online salary is the most curious subject. Some online sites offer you a flat rate per hour. On some sites, you set the price you will receive. But the average hourly rate is between $ 10 and $ 40.

What Equipment Do You Need to Teach Online English?

Teaching English online is simple and can be an additional source of income for you. You don’t need a lot of equipment. It’s a no-cost job. You need a computer, camera, microphone, headset and internet. Skype is required as software. But on some platforms it is not necessary. Your PayPal account may be good to receive your payment. A suitable environment is also required.


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