Just Visited Internet Websites and Earn Money

Just Visited Internet Websites and Earn Money

For a while, how can I earn money from my website is one of the most popular questions in the mind of website owners or potential website owners. Today, more than half of the websites are created directly to earn money other than promotion of the goods and services or sharing information. In these sites, everything is for the sake of money.

What Is Website Traffic?

First of all, if you want to monetize your website, the most important thing you should know is traffic. Website traffic is the total number of unique visitors a website receives. To earn more money, website owners devote most of their time to search for new ways to generating traffic.

There are many ways to measure and control the traffic a website. Daily, monthly and yearly statistics give the number of visitors and the frequency of the visits. They also help you to analyze which page or content is taking more traffic. You can set up or update your strategy accordingly. Before thinking of how to earn money from website visits, you should plan how to increase the traffic tour website is getting.

Just Visited Internet Websites and Earn Money

Just Visited Internet Websites and Earn Money

Generate Traffic To Your Website

There are different methods and these are only limited with your creativeness to increase traffic of your website. Here are the most popular and traditional ways for your:

  • Social Media: Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube to direct users to your website. Certainly, you should have Share buttons of these platforms within the website.
  • E-mail Lists: The e-mail list differs from social platforms in the sense that the lists are a more targeted audience. Creating an e-mail list will help you to get a stable audience and it is so effective. Try to get as much as e-mail addresses of people visiting your website.

How To Turn This Traffic Into Money

At the end of the day, all the traffic is for making money. But how will you make money through your website traffic?  Or in other words, how will you get paid when someone visits your website?

  • Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns are well ahead to get revenue from your website.  Some of these campaigns pay you just parallel to the volume of the traffic you have. Others require some action like clicks, comments, purchases, subscription to your visitors.

For instance, there are free packages of Adsense campaign that places advertise on your website. You can filter the type of advertisements. Google also get information about the content of your site and try to optimize advertisements accordingly. Adsense pays you for each click to advertise. As the traffic of your website increases, you are paid more.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You can also make advertisement agreements directly with companies. By promoting specific products on your website, you can receive a commission from their sales through your website. This system is called affiliate marketing.

  • Membership Offers

If you trust the quality of your content, you can offer a paid membership or premium content. Today, it is a widespread method. Information pollution is one of the reasons behind this popularity. People are more willing to pay to get beneficial, original and true information.

what kind of website should i make to make money

what kind of website should i make to make money

What Kind Of Website Makes More Money

If you want to make more money and may need a snowball effect in the future, don’t use a general static website. But then the question is what kind of website should I make to make money.

In fact, if you use the website just for earning money the best option for a new beginner is creating a blog. It is both the most common and easy way to start. There are many companies provide you blogging service. You can take advertises to these sites. In addition, whenever you need more, you can upgrade your blog.

Among all the blog categories, the most popular topics are:

  • How to make money
  • Health and fitness
  • Food
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Development
  • Travel

Once you choose the right category including qualified and original contents and generate traffic using both the methods above and develop your own ways, you have more chance to make money through your visitors.

Make Money While Surfing

You can also stand on the other side of the mirror and earn money by surfing websites. There are apps and reward programs that pay you while surfing on the web. You are just expected to use search engines.

  • Qmee

The main target of the company is helping advertisers to reach the audience. Accordingly, the more people surf the more they will succeed. To start, you install their plugin. When a related search comes up, Qmee displays a popup with ads. When earning money by clicking the link. For Qmee, it is not important which searching engine you are using. The only requirement is using FireFox as your web browser. You can earn an extra $15 per month by just making what you do.

how to earn money from website visits

how to earn money from website visits

  • Bing Rewards

It is an old app rewarding you for search. You have to register from a Hotmail or an outlook account. You are required to use Bing search. The extra money you can earn is around $8 per month. However, the system pays you more as you use the system longer. Your status is changing according to the time period you registered to the system. Gold members can get $12 er mount and get 10% discount on gift cards.

get paid when someone visits your website

get paid when someone visits your website

  • Swagbucks

Being a task management app, Swagbucks is known as paying for watching videos, completing daily tasks etc. However, the company also pays for surfing that is powered by Yahoo. You can earn an extra $6 per month from the website. Sometimes they also offer bonuses.

earn money by surfing websites

earn money by surfing websites

  • Perk Search

The site is also known by paying for watching videos. However, you can also earn extra money using their search engine. It is one of the best paid for surfing compared to others. You can earn up to $30 per month. You can use it as a gift card or cash prize.

how can i earn money from my website

how can i earn money from my website

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