How to Start a Phone Accessories Business?

How to Start a Phone Accessories Business?

In this article today we will answer the question of how to sell cell phone accessories. This is a very detailed article for those who want to make money from the industry. If you are wondering how to start a cell phone retail business, please continue reading the article.

There may not be a single person who no longer uses a cell phone. Even the age of having a cell phone has dropped to age of 8. For this reason, the phone accessories sector is also coming to life. Everyone wants your phone to look more elegant and different. If you’ve noticed the size of this sector, it’s time to invest. Because the use of phone is expected to increase much more in the near future. This means that the demand for phone accessories will also increase.

How a start a cell phone retail business?

How a start a cell phone retail business?

Allocate the necessary budget and plan your ad campaign quite well. Then there are no barriers to entering this sector.

Come on, let’s talk a little bit about the conditions and costs of entering this sector.

Where You Should Start

There are two ways to do this:

  • Agree with cell phone accessory distributors. Sell ​​products you buy from intermediaries by putting a profit share on them. You can also cut costs by buying cell phone accessory wholesale. This method is less expensive.
  • If the method will be a little more costly, you can produce accessories that you have designed by contracting with a production facility. It will be more costly but will have a more original and tailored design for you.

    Cell phone accessory distributors

    Cell phone accessory distributors

Once you’ve chosen one of these two ways, decide how to make your sales.

  • Online: selling online definitely lowers your cost and you can make more profit. Since you will not rent any shops, you can easily sell.
  • Shop: rent a shop and sell products in an area where customers can see live. In this case, your shop rent will cost you extra. But it will be more advantageous for a reliable sale.

    Cell phone accessory wholesale

    Cell phone accessory wholesale

What You Should Do?

  • First thing you need to do is budget planning. If you are going to enter this business, you must have a certain accumulation or be able to withdraw credit from the bank. If you don’t plan your budget correctly, things may not work out and you may suffer. To avoid this, write down and collect all your expenses one by one. In addition, make sure you give yourself a margin of error. In this way, your business will be guaranteed.
  • Do your market research well. This is a very important point. Because if you enter the wrong market with the wrong product, you will only suffer. Understand the priorities and preferences of the people you are addressing. It is in your best interest to talk to your potential customers and even conduct surveys before you start. In this way, you create your business plan and eliminate the possibility of possible damage.

    How to sell phone accessories?

    How to sell phone accessories?

  • Even if you open a shop, do not underestimate online sales. Most people now prefer to shop online from the comfort of their home rather than go shopping. Develop a system where customers can shop safely and start selling online. In this way, you will have both shop and online income.
  • Make sure that you comply with all legal obligations. Obtain and register the necessary sales licenses. In this way, more customers will want to shop and you will not be able to face a legal problem.

How Much Money Can You Make?

From this business, you can earn beautiful profits with a proper advertising strategy. If you buy the products wholesale cost will be quite low. Therefore you can make sales by putting even 200% profit on it.

Your monthly earnings from such a job will vary, on average, from $ 5000 to $ 7000.


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