Henna Night Organization Service to Make Money

Henna Night Organization Service to Make Money

Henna night entertainment is organized on the eve of marriage. Henna night organizations are presented in different concepts today. Henna night concepts are agreed with the organization companies for certain fees. Henna night, which is one of the traditions of Turkish culture, has become very diverse with different clothes and decorations.

How much do henna night artist charge?

How much do henna night artist charge?

In our article, you can get detailed information about how much do henna night artists charge and how much henna night organization fees are.

What is Henna Night?

The henna ceremony itself is a melancholy moment in which the women’s dream songs sing and the bride receives her henna painting. The course of the Henna Night may vary from region to region in Turkey, but all rituals serve the desire that the marriage of the bride may be happy, fruitful and rich.

What is henna night?

What is henna night?

Henna night traditions vary from region to region. In some areas, the groom joins the henna night and the groom’s hand is painted with henna; in some areas, a package of henna is sent to the groom’s house to paint the groom’s hand.

How to Make Henna Night?

Originally, the ceremony took place the day before the wedding in the home of the bride’s parents, with only female family members and friends of the families were invited. For this occasion, the bride wore a “Bindallı”, a kind of red caftan with gold decorations which is a traditional dress in Turkish culture. In contrast to engagement or wedding; henna night was not boiled large, but “only” appetizers and snacks and partly also brought by the guests.

How to make henna night?

How to make henna night?

The festival is no longer celebrated by women alone, and men can celebrate today, if both families agree. Here, the gentlemen can be there from the beginning or they take in a separate area / room at a “men’s table” place until they are allowed to come at the end of the Henna ceremony, even if the groom gets his henna. Only then will be celebrated and danced together.

How to Calculate the Cost of Henna Night?

Henna night is usually done at the bride’s house. However, today henna night events are organized in the halls.

The average prices of henna decorations, gifts, henna and “bindallı” are used below. The prices of necessary materials is given in average prices.

  • Pouch for henna: $13,3 for 100 pockets
  • A salver : $17,8 per piece
  • A basket: $12,5 per piece
  • Candles: $0,45 per piece
  • Gifts for guests: $0,90 per piece
  • Henna pockets: $10,5 for 100 pockets
  • Tambourines: $9 for 10 pieces

Bride’s dresses and accessories is as follow:

  • Traditional henna dress (bindallı): $358 – $540
  • Henna veil: Between $13 – $21
  • Bride crown: $20 – $90

The basic accessories of henna night is given above. You can add additional costs as henna belt, henna jug for brides or crown, belt for bridesmaids.

Approximately the cost of henna night for 100 people is approximately $270. Bride’s dress and accessories are approximately:

In addition to the bride’s clothing and accessories, you must add the cost of the bride’s throne and musician to your calculation.

  • Cost of throne: $500 – $550
  • Cost of musician: $200 – $300
  • Henna artist cost: How much do henna night artists charge changes between the model of your tattoo. It is approximately $160 – $900.

Totally, you can do an henna night organization for $2090 more or less.

How Much Henna Night Artists Charge?

You can find detailed information on how much do henna artists charge in our article. Henna tattoo is done with the ground state of henna plant and is not permanent. Henna is often used in Indian weddings and has recently become a popular event in Western culture. Henna artists can take part in events and henna tattoos can be applied to areas such as feet, wrists and hands.

How to calculate the cost of henna night?

How to calculate the cost of henna night?

The price of henna tattoos varies according to size and shape. Detailed or large tattoos cost more. Some henna artists charge hourly fees for henna tattoo services when they are hired to work at special events such as weddings, festivals, engagements, ceremonies. Other artists may set event fees to cover travel time and costs, event hours and all services and supplies provided.

Henna artists can earn on average $ 50 – $ 150 for events such as weddings, engagements or henna parties. Depending on the complexity of the tattoo design, the production of the tattoo ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour.


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