Get Paid With Concept Design Services To Restaurants

Get Paid With Concept Design Services To Restaurants

Restaurant design is generrally reffered as interior design, decoration and concept design. The whole process is called the restaurant design concept development discipline.

Restaurant design concept ideas have emerged as a result of competition and market due to the increase of restaurants in the market. Restaurant owners try to create new restaurant designs by following increasing trends with different designs and ideas.

Restaurant design concept ideas

Restaurant design concept ideas

Restaurant Architectural Design Guidelines

There are many different restaurant design concept ideas in architectural style related to restaurant design. Before sharing ideas about restaurant architectural design guidelines, we will give you some information about what is needed for restaurant design.

Restaurant architectural design guidelines

Restaurant architectural design guidelines

Restaurant design consists of 3 basic steps:

1. Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant interior design includes as kitchen, living areas and interior decoration.

The following steps are required to establish the payment plan for the restaurant design:

-Search the facility that should be designed.

-Get the idea of ​​the restaurant owner and create the concept

-Create the plan of the restaurant kitchen and lounge.

-Make a material list for interior decoration of restaurant.

-Three-dimensional drawing of the new design of the restaurant.

-After drawing up a list of all decoration materials and furniture, preparing a proposal with three – dimensional design and plans of the restaurant.

Restaurant interior design

Restaurant interior design

2. Paperworks for construction and design (permission, bid procedures)

-You must create all the required architectural documentation for restaurant design concept ideas

-You can work with engineers for restaurant design the necessary structural plans, such as electrical connections and water pipe connections.

3 – Restaurant Architectural Design Coordination

-You should send the architectural plans to the relevant departments in the municipality. You need to identify problems about water and electricity etc.

-You should coordinate restaurant design compliance with the Ministry of Health.

-Check the quality of work of the contractors you work with and communicate progress to the customer.

Restaurant architectural design

Restaurant architectural design

What is the Average Cost for Restaurant Design?

If you are going to work in interior design of a restaurant, you have to calculate how much it will cost. Cost varies depending on the cost area and the type of business of the store for restaurant design. Therefore, we will introduce the internal construction cost and equipment construction price by operating type.

The amount of budget required to implement restaurant design ideas varies according to the concept. Usually restaurant design ranges from $100 to $350 per square meter, from concept to concept. Restaurant design and planning costs are usually around 10% of the construction budget. The cost per square meter in luxury restaurants is increasing. For this reason, the concept of the restaurant that you design is important.

What is the Average Cost for Restaurant Design?

What is the Average Cost for Restaurant Design?

How much is the restaurant’s interior worth? The average prices of the unit price of internal construction costs, including the cost of kitchens and other facilities by business category, are as follows.

You should plan the restaurant design one by one:

Consider the restaurant design concept ideas of kitchen, dining room, lights, toilets, ceilings, furniture, accessories etc. in restaurant design.

If you also want to change electronic equipments in kitchen design, your cost will increase considerably. Depending on the area to be designed and the concept, the kitchen design can cover 75% of the budget. The kitchen room ranges from $200 – $500 per square meter. A kitchen design for 300 square meters corresponds to approximately $90.000.

Restaurant design concept

Restaurant design concept

Although the cost per square meter is less than other areas, the dining room ranges from $150 – $300 per square meter. These prices can be calculated less according to the desired concept. For example; you get a different design by covering the walls, floors with plaster and choosing your tables and chairs from plain wood with a rustic design. At the same time, your cost is greatly reduced. A dining room design for 300 square meters corresponds to approximately $60.000.

Restaurant design cost will be approximately $150.000. You can earn lots of money if you make your plan according to the article that we explained the details above.


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