FASTSIGNS Franchise Cost, Fees And Opportunities

FASTSIGNS Franchise Cost, Fees And Opportunities

FASTSIGNS is a signage, graphics and visual communications franchise. If you are interested in this industry, keep reading the Fastsigns franchise review.

The company serves companies in all industries and of all sizes to provide signs and visual graphic solutions.  The services aim to increase awareness about the brand, attract more people about the products and services of the company and of course increase the sales.

Information About Fastsigns

The company established in 1985 in Texas. They began offering franchises in the following year. Within the first five years, the company reaches more than 150 locations with the franchising system. Today, the company has reached to 9 countries with almost 700 franchises.

Fastsigns franchise review

Fastsigns franchise review

Products and Services of Fastsigns

Fastsigns has a wide range of products and services. The company also offers visibility strategies for other businesses.

  • Visibility strategies offered by Fastsigns:

Consulting, Project Planning, Sale Development, Brand Integrity, Corporate Identity, Compliance

  • Products of Fastsigns:

Signs and graphics; exhibits and displays; interior décor; promotional products; printing and mailing; point of purchase; interactive and digital

  • Services offered by Fastsigns:

Graphic design, content development, project management, surveying and management, installation, shopping, and storage

The examples of the production include banners; point-of-purchase signage; exhibit graphics and trade show displays; window, floor and vehicle graphics etc…

The Primary Benefits of Fastsigns Franchises

Once you buy franchises, you own and operate the Center independently.

  • Compare to business starting from the ground up, the experience of the company makes the profitability higher and minimizes your risk.
  • After an evaluation process, qualified franchisees can get help for initial funding.
  • Market recognition and trust from the first day.
  • Extended training programs, 24/7 online education opportunity.
  • Prior to opening, the company helps for the creation of client base. Once you open, you will already have customers.
  • Experience more than 30 years, the company has an institutional operating systems serving all offices.
  • Persistent work on Research and Development.
  • Once a new product or service developed and passed the necessary tests, it directly shared with other locations.
  • Make a network of franchisees possible.
The Primary Benefits of Fastsigns Franchises

The Primary Benefits of Fastsigns Franchises

Types of The Franchisees

There are three types of franchises offered by the Company.

  • New Franchises: It is for the businesses that are just decided to enter this sector.
  • A Conversion Franchises: If you already own a business and seeking a better option that you can develop and grow; you can convert your business into a Fastsigns.
  • A Co-Brand Franchises: If you have a print shop you can expand your product and service line while retaining your original identity. Based on this, you will gain more  Footsigns owner salary.

Training Programs

As mentioned above, Fastsign offers an extensive training program. Franchisees, Managing Owner, graphic designer, and communications specialists must attend and complete the initial training program before the Center opening. Additional personnel may attend to program depending on the approval. The program includes some online training assignments, five days preparation in Fastsigns Center and two weeks classroom instruction.  The on-site training includes:

  • Opening,
  • Inventory control
  • Management
  • Sign production
  • Marketing strategies and skills

The Company also offers additional training programs, seminars and webinars when necessary. Ever three years, Franchisee and Managing Personnel must attend Company’s convention.

What Should You Do?

First of all, you should apply for a franchise. The pre-application can be done through the website.

Based on the agreement, The Company allows only a single Center in the approved site. Franchisees are responsible for a specific geographic area around their own Center. The approval of the site depends on the size of the Region. The Region should be an area including at least 4,000 businesses. The Franchise will be the only one unless there is a significant increase of at least 25% in the number of businesses in the region. According to this information, you should find the right location for the business.  The personnel is expected to attend the Training and successfully complete.

Moreover, the franchisor provides the Manuals that describe how the Center should operate. Make sure you understand the other necessities and requirements. The length of the initial franchise term is 10 years. If requirements met, a renewal is possible for another 10 years period.

fastsigns owner salary

fastsigns owner salary

The Requirements For Fastsigns Franchise

Other than costs that are described below, there are other requirements to open a Fastsigns:

  • Location: The place you are planning to operate should be approved by the Company. There should be a minimum of 4,000 businesses around the Center you choose.
  • The Center should operate in normal business hours from Monday to Friday.
  • Franchisees should get the permission of the Company to use the materials and Center any reason other than defined in the Agreement.

Cost and Profit 

If you want to buy a new Fastsigns franchise, the franchise fee is $47,500. The minimum requirements the Company asks include minimum available capital of $80,000 and minimum net worth of $300,000. You are also expected to have a good credit rating. The total investment is expected to be between $193,548 and $289,639.

The first year, Company demands up to 3% of Gross Sales as a service fee. Beginning from the second year through the end of the term of the Franchise Agreement, this rate is increasing to 6%.

The Company also offers some financing options that are detailed below. In order to help new family members, Fastsigns set aside more than $21 million to use for financing.

According to the data given by the Company, Fastsigns franchise profit is one of the best in the industry. Per-center gross sales average for a full-service center is at $777,594.

fastsigns franchise review

fastsigns franchise review

Is Financial Assistance Possible?

If you are already a business owner who wants to become Conversion Franchisee or Co-Brand Franchisee, you may benefit from the financial assistance of the Company.  Fastsigns may offer to finance for the initial franchise fee if you meet franchisor’s credit standards and qualify for financing.

Moreover, Fastsigns has the advantage of the United States Business Administration’s (SBA)  Franchise Registry. Since the company is registered to this online listing, franchises receive an expedited loan process when applying for SBA financing.

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