Earn Money With Face Painting

Earn Money With Face Painting

Do you want to earn extra money in an enjoying way? Face painting industry presents this opportunity for you. You can work with both children and adults to make fancy faces. Meanwhile, you will earn extra money.

What Is Face Painting?

Face painting is an art of dressing up people’ faces. The most common usage is in children’s parties, but not limited to these events. Festivals, fairs, and concerts are events where face painter can serve. Schools, nurseries, some restaurants, shopping malls etc. are also places looking for painters for some events.

Earn Money With Face Painting

Earn Money With Face Painting

How Does The System Work?

Children enjoy dressing up as animals like tigers, butterflies etc. or heroes like Batman, Spiderman, Barbie etc. To make children happy, parents hire face painters, especially for their special days. For the same purpose, schools and hospitals also contact with painters. On the other hand; restaurants, shopping malls, sports centers etc. uses this passion to attract children. After all, parents will follow their child. Face painting is also common among adults in special days and festivals like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

A face painting business plan can be prepared in two ways. One can work alone or can apply for a part-time work to an organization company.

If you choose the first option, you may give an advertisement. You can contact schools, restaurants, nursery located in your local area. Make sure your family and friends are your promoters. If you choose the second option, you should find a company. You will apply to the company and wait for them to contact you.

face painting business for sale

face painting business for sale

What Should Be Done To Become Face Painter?

  1. You are lucky if your imagination is strong and you are creative. But it is not an innate ability. You can learn how to make conceptual designs from online courses and videos.  Some sources that will help you with design are presented below:
  • Youtube Channel: We Love Face Paint, Party Delights etc.
  • Pinterest: Spunky Duckling
  • Snazaroo
  • The Facepainting Shop
  • Face Body Art
  1. Painting Kit: Before starting, you should buy a painting kit which includes (minimum) :
  • Face Paints: The paints should be skin friendly, nonallergic, easy to apply and remove.
  • Paint Brushes: Buy a few brushes that are specific for a face.
  • Sponges:  Buy enough sponges of different sizes.
  • Water pot: A simple one to wash brushes is enough.
  • Face wipe: Will be used to correcting mistakes while painting the face.
  • Carry case: Will be used to carrying equipment.
  1. You can practice on your family members, parties of your friends’ children etc. Whenever you are sure about yourself, take some photos. Build up a portfolio.
  2. Start Your Own Business
how to set up a face painting business

how to set up a face painting business

If you have strong ties in the neighborhood, you can start your own job. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Get help from your family members and friends.
  • Prepare brochures to distribute neighborhood, schools, restaurants etc. nearby.
  • Prepare banner showing your works.
  • Create social media accounts.
  • Follow local events, festivals, concerts etc. and open a stand.
  • If there is a playground around, open a stand at weekends.

Note that, if you have less time to devote searching, you can work for an organization company.

face painting business plan

face painting business plan

Face Painting Design Ideas

A clown face: It is among the most popular designs for faces. It is very flexible that you can make the clown sad, happy, silly etc. A red large mount surrounded by a large white area, a bright red nose, oversized eyebrows and marked eye lines are the main points to make a clown face.

Fairy Princess: It is as simple as a few thin and shiny lines around eyes and some glitter on the chicks. This is highly demanded by girls.

Rainbow is also a classic but one of the most popular one. Among the other simple designs, here are the most popular ones:

  • Hearts
  • Balloons
  • Race cars
  • Smiley
  • Stars
  • Sports
  • Spiders

The Requirements For Becoming A Face Printer

Along with practical necessities, there are some legal requirements.

  • You should use safe painting products. Make sure they are complying with the EU and FDA toy and cosmetic regulations.
  • If you are working with children, you should get a specific certificate. For instance, in the UK you should present a DBS certificate.
  • Before starting to work in public areas, make sure you are complying with local laws. If requested, get a license or insurance.

How Much Time Should I Spend?

If you are new to this job, approximately in two weeks’ time you get face painting business for sale. On average, you can dress up 20 children in an hour. If you are expected to work on special designs, the number per hour may reduce to 10.

Now, it is time to learn how much do face painters make?

learn how much do face painters make

learn how much do face painters make

Costs and Profits For Face Painting

If you are making your own business, the starting cost of the face painting includes the cost of painting kit. On average, you will pay $50 for a good painting kit.

In fact, there is no regular face painter salary.  It depends on how much work you get and the price you set. Make sure you don’t put the price too high or too low. You may charge the price according to event and session. For instance, at festivals, you can charge around $1. In such events, you are expected to make quick and simple designs and low price attracts people. In summer, people care more about their appearance. So you can put a price around $2- $3. If you are called for a special event like children’ birthday party, you can charge a price per child or per hour. This time, you can set higher prices since the expectations are increased.

In general, you can compensate your costs in one event. A second event will be your capital for next time. The others will be your net gain.

Franchises For Face Painting

If you wonder how to set up a face painting business professionally, you can buy a franchise.

  • Cat Wishkers provides you a home-based franchising opportunity with low startup cost and good return. Initial and ongoing training, equipment you will need are also provided by the company.
  • The Wacky Party Heaven provides everything one needs for party/ event including face painting with a basic and a premium package options.
  • Noodle Performance Art is an experienced company recently gives the opportunity of a franchise in the UK, for now.


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