Earn Money As A Mystery Shopper

Earn Money As A Mystery Shopper

Nowadays, earning money in the gig economy is becoming more and more popular. Mystery shopper companies offer good opportunities for the ones who want to earn extra money. Moreover, it is one of the easiest ways if you already like walk around for shopping.

What Is Mystery Shopping?

Companies can be successful only if they can really predict what customer thinks about the products and services. Think that they can do better! For instance, today technology allows companies to follow the behaviors of online visitors of their websites. The data shows how much time one spends in website and more specially in page of each product. Moreover, if company prefers an interactive website then customer can ask questions to chatbots or a real customer representative. The program generally wants customer to evaluate the service she gets from representative. Since they are recorded, then the management can analyze the feed back from customer and use it in improvement activities.

Mystery shopper companies

Mystery shopper companies

On the other hand, there are still many people preferring to shop from real stores. In real stores, customers interact with real employees and the behavior of employees have significant impact on the preferences of the customers. In fact, it is more difficult than just clicks online in real stores. As a result, role playing is a good way to get information about the real performance of employees.

Mystery shopping is an answer to this kind of needs of the companies.

How Does Mystery Shopping Work?

Actually, mystery shopping is simple. The process is as follows:

  • Companies hire people to visit their stores.
  • Mystery shopper is expected to behave as an average customer.
  • It is expected to report back about the service and all experience during shopping. Generally, companies have special instructions.
  • Mystery shopper is paid a certain amount of money for each of the visits or offered a discount in their stores.
How Does Mystery Shopping Work

How Does Mystery Shopping Work

What Should Be Done?

If you want to earn extra money as a mystery shopper, you should find best mystery shopping companies meeting your needs. Although, companies have different demands for job offers the procedure you should follow is generally the same.

  • There are shopping networks to get information about job opportunities. Join one of them and fill out your profile.
  • Search for mystery shopper jobs near me in the system to find whether there is any job offer fit your location.
  • Make sure the job offer you are looking is fitting your demographics.
  • Once accepted, read the instructions of the job carefully.
  • Complete the task within the given time period.
  • Fill out the report in a requested format and submit it.
  • Once the report approved, normally you are paid within maximum a month.
mystery shopper jobs near me

mystery shopper jobs near me

The Requirements For A Mystery Shopper

Actually, there are no special quality for a mystery shopper. Everyone can join a shopper network. However, different companies may target different demographics. As a result, they will specify the requirements for each job offer.

For instance, same company may need a mother for analyzing the quality of services in children section while may need a man for men’s section.

In short, this is a side job that address to everyone.

Tasks You Are Appointed As A Mystery Shopper

There are variety of tasks a mystery shopper can be appointed. You can find some real life examples below. You are expected to complete the given tasks to evaluate the products and services and report to company.

  • Stay at a hotel.
  • Dinner at a restaurant with a guest.
  • Visit a gas station.
  • Call a sports center and ask information about registration.
  • Shop for a laptop and ask for different alternatives.
Tasks You Are Appointed As A Mystery Shopper

Tasks You Are Appointed As A Mystery Shopper

How Much Time Should I Spend?

For each job, the time you will spend depends on the instructions. Some of them may only demand a review of a phone call with customer representative. For instance, a company may search for performance of the call center department. On the other hand, some companies expect a real but returnable shopping. This will take more time. Of course, the money you get will change based on the difficulty of the demand. So, time you will spend depends on the money you want to earn.

In any case, mystery shopper jobs are time commitment. Accordingly, you are expected to complete the job, fill the report and submit within a given time.

It is you that will decide how much time you should spend depending on the information given above.

How Much Money Could I Earn?

One of the most curious questions about mystery shopping is how much do secret shoppers make? Normally, you are paid $10-15 per task you completed. The money depends on how much work it entailed.

If you are living in an urban place where there are many shopping centers, restaurant etc., you will have more alternative job offers. Accordingly, you will gain more money. If you are living in a remote place, you may work at home and gain relatively lower.

Where Could I Find A Job As A Mystery Shopper?

First of all, don’t trust mystery job offers via your e-mails. Although you will not have a mystery shopper salary regularly paid, you can earn relevant amount of money as you work regularly. For a safe extra gain, you should apply shopping networks.

There are a variety of networks you can create profiles that have different opportunities. It is better to register as much as you can to encounter different job offers. Here are some examples.

  • Isecretshop

This company pays you for your help to businesses on improving their service quality. You are expected to share your thoughts after shopping, dining out, calling, online shopping etc. The payments are quick and the communication of the company is really good. You can follow the job offers from your phone through mobile app of the company. You can also complete your shopping through this app.

  • Bestmark

Bestmark works with a variety of companies like restaurants, retail stores, financial institutions, hotels etc. In return of cash, you can do mystery shopping as well as store exit interviews. One important thing is that, the reports the company expects are very detailed.

  • MarketForce Information

This is one of the largest companies working for mystery shopping. Unlike some other companies, they offer tasks worldwide. The company also has app that make following the offers and completing the task easier.

Except those, there are many other companies offering mystery shops. You can test the reliability of the mystery shopper companies through BBB or the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) who regulate them.

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