Earn Extra Money Through A Year Scrapbooking

Earn Extra Money Through A Year Scrapbooking

In this article, we are going to talk about home business scrapbooking, tips on getting started, the kind of advertisement to use and the profit you can make from this job. Scrapbook is an original decorated photo album. The album consists of separate sheets or spreads, each of which represents a complete thought expressed by photos.

A scrapbook-style photo album is different from a regular album in that it stores more than just photos. Classic scrapbook in addition to photos includes small notes to photos, as well as memorable little things (tickets, certificates, letters, children’s drawings, tags, etc.). Scrapbooking business is developing day by day and becomes a large market nowadays, since these things bring a little joy to people’s lives.

home business scrapbooking

home business scrapbooking


Scrapbooking is an easy and interesting job to without getting bored. You can use your creativity in every single page of your scrapbook. And at the end of the day, you are making money easily, without getting stressed, from your home.  So, the short answer is anyone! That’s why home based scrapbooking businesses are worth to start.

home based scrapbooking businesses

home based scrapbooking businesses


Learn the details of scrapbooking. You may be very good at scrapbooking or you may be doing it as a hobby. Whatever the case is, the practise makes perfection.

Use your creativity. Obvious one, but also the one that most of the attention should be payed to. If you stand out between all others is this market, you will be gettiing more than others in this business.

Determine your customers. Decide on whom and for what purpose you want to sell your scrapbooks. It is important step to make at the beginning for deciding on what you should focus in scrapbooking for profit.

Build a website. Creating a website is very important for any business you do nowadays. It is going to make people understand the safety level, take your business seriously and get a broad information about your products.

Decide on pricing. Choosing the right price for your scrapbooks is very important. You can search the market, make a good business plan and decide afterwards.

scrapbooking for profit

scrapbooking for profit


Give scrapbooking classes. You do not always have to make scrapbooks yourself to make money from this business. You can consider teaching this job as well, since there are a lot of people out there wanting a good source to learn it. The platforms where you can teach may be YouTube, Udemy, your website, facebook, instagram and etc.

Make scrapbooks yourself and sell them. As a standard way of making money from scrapbooking is to make money scrapbooking for others. It is simple as that – you do the job and earn.

Look for local craft shows to sell your work. There is no need to wait for clients to find you; you can find them as well. And local craft shows are there  to help you with it.

Look for local craft shows to sell your work

Look for local craft shows to sell your work


If you are giving professional scrapbooking service, you need to take care of advertisement as well. These are the cheapest and most effective ways of advertisement.

Use flyers. Flyers are extremely powerful and do not cost much for using as an advertisement tool. That’s why they are considered as a powerful way of any type of advertisement.

Make your own website. Making your own website, allows you to add the content of only your wish. You can also design the website the way you want to attract the clients. You can get rid of advertisement costs online as well.

Use Facebook as an advertisement tool. Facebook is a great website not only as a social media, but also as an advertisement tool. It costs a little money to advertise, but it goes a long way.

Use Facebook as an advertisement tool

Use Facebook as an advertisement tool


One of the scrapbooking business opportunities is that you do your hobby and make money from it. But this is not a money as you do a side job.

Well, it depends on the way you are charging your clients. You can charge them for an hour, for the album or for the page.

The standard per page is $30 on average.

The price per finished product is about  $40. You also charge the fee for your time. This one may be one of the profitable ones and worth giving a try. Projects large enough will bring you about $1000 per your finished work.

And the hourly cost if $50 dollars.

So, charging per finished product, let’s asume that you are getting $1000 per your work. If you have only 5 products monthly, it makes $5000 dollars monthly. Great money not only as a side job, but also as a real one.

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