Candle Making At Home To Earn Money

Candle Making At Home To Earn Money

Aromatic candles are not only used to decorate the house, its aroma and aesthetics give a pleasant smell to your surroundings. You can find how to make candles and how to start a candle making business at home in this article.

How to a start candle making business at home?

How to a start candle making business at home?

Candles are no longer be used only when the light is cut off at home. In particular, aromatic candles have become a decoration, a detail for a room, a room or a bathroom. You can also use the candles that you make as a souvenir or in the decoration of your house.

How to Start a Candle Making Business at Home?

Making candles from home as a hobby is a lot of fun and a low cost job. There are a number of details to consider before you start making candles at home.

Selling the candles  that you produced at home as a hobby is as easy as making.

Making candles from home

Making candles from home

First; there are many types of candles in the market, so you need to decide which type of candles that you product.

You need to choose your audience. For example, if you want to produce souvenir candles for invitations such as weddings and henna, you may need to produce special kinds. Therefore, it is beneficial to determine the cost of your production beforehand.

Making a business plan minimizes your labor cost. Therefore, you should prepare your business plan appropriately before you start work.

How to Make Candles at Home

You will need some materials before you start making candles at home. You can purchase these materials online or at shops selling ornamental materials.

Candle making is a profitable business

Candle making is a profitable business

Candle making is a profitable business. The average wages of the materials are shared in the continuation of our article.

First we share how to make candles below:

Necessary materials

  • Beeswax or paraffin
  • Mold
  • Essence oil
  • Candle wick
  • A wooden lath (For tieing the wicks)
  • You need a bucket for hanging the wicks
  • In addition, you will need a spatula or a  wooden spoon to melt the wax.

How to Make Candles at Home to Sell?

If you have the ingredients you can start to learn how to make candles at home to sell. First, the wax must be melted, because the longest process is the melting of the wax.

Candle wicks should be two or three times the length of the wax. Then connect the candle wick with a clip to the wooden lath. Prepare as many wicks as you want, but do not add more than one wick to the wax container side by side. Then place the rovings on a wooden lath.

how to make candles at home to sell?

When the wax is completely liquid, grasp the bar at both ends and immerse the wicks in the bar into the wax of the desired length. The melting wax is placed in the wick before being poured into the mold. The wax is poured and allowed to cool. Owing to the wax which shrinks as it cools, the candle can be easily removed from the mold.

The candles are then allowed to cool for several hours or overnight. After waiting for a long time, your homemade candles are ready to use. Now you know how to make candles at home.

Is Candle Making a Profitable Business?

You can reach the answer is candle making a profitable business in this articleAfter you make your candles at home then you can ask the question how to start a candle making business at home. 

Is candle making a profitable business?
Calculate the average costs of the materials used in candle making. Also you should consider overheads, labor and material costs. Accordingly, you can determine your sales price for per candle.

Calculating total cost of candle making is based on a simple formula;

2 x (Labor + Material + Overhead)

Labor cost means the time that you spend during candle making. The material cost is the total cost of all materials to be used in. Overhead costs are consumption items such as electricity and water consumed during candle making business.

How to make candles at home?

How to make candles at home?

Let’s calculate the sample sales cost for making a candle in any color:

Candle wick cost: $0,05 per piece

Wax cost : $11 per kilo

Essence oil cost: $10 per kilo

Total material cost as average prices for 100 thin candles: (0,05 x 10) + 11 + 10 = $21,5

Total cost per candle for average prices : 2 x (0,44 + 0,30 + 21,5/100 ) = $1,91

You can decorate the candles as you want. The selling price also varies according to the size and shape of the candle. You can earn basicly 1000-2000 USD per month.

How to Sell Candles From Home?

Nowadays, many people prefer to shop on the internet. You can sell the candles in many ways over the internet from home.

Sell the candles

Sell the candles

You can sell by online sites or platforms as Instagram, Facebook etc. You can advertise on these sites with a cheap price and promote your products.

You can sell the candles that you produced via Amazon. Amazon is a worldwide site that you can sell the candles overseas.


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