Buy Home-Based Franchising To Make Money

Buy Home-Based Franchising To Make Money

Do you want to run a business that you don’t need a storefront, office or any other place for rent? Then check home-based franchises 2019. You can find franchises that can be run from your home.

In fact, home-based businesses are extending all over the world. In the US, there are approximately 38 million home-based businesses and one starts every 12 seconds. Moreover, 70% of the home-based business becomes successful within three years.

home-based franchises 2019

home-based franchises 2019

What Does Home-Based Franchising Mean?

Today, the opportunities to work from home is extending. As technology develops and the internet becomes widespread, home-based businesses become a win-win strategy for both employer and employees. Similar to the traditional working system, you can either become an employee or start up your own business at home. You can start from scratch or you can share the risk with a known brand with franchising. You can find dozens of home-based franchising opportunities fitting you best.

internet based franchises

internet based franchises

Advantages of Home-Based Franchising

We can count many advantages of home-based franchise opportunities.

  • First of all, like other home-based business, it is flexible. You can plan your own schedule.
  • While doing your job, you can do other things like caring for children, cooking etc.
  • You can find franchise based on your knowledge, interests, skills, and abilities.
  • You are using the reputation of the franchisor you work with and share the risk.
  • You have the opportunity to get ongoing support during your business. Many franchises present training opportunity for the franchise.
  • Compared to traditional franchising options, the initial investment is lower. You don’t need a space and expensive equipment.
  • Generally, you gain as much as you work. In some sense, you can arrange your earning.
  • Many franchisors help you in financing the startup costs.

Risks and Requirements of Home-Based Franchising

In addition to many advantageous, there are also risks you should overcome.

  • You should balance your professional and personal life. Since the lines are blurry, you may confuse the times you should spend for your job and for your family. Although people believe that home-based business provides more opportunity to spend time with families, the opposite can happen. If you cannot arrange your time, you may have to work all day including nights.
  • You should be a self-disciplined and self-motivated person.
  • You should be flexible enough to be your own employer, assistant, and employee.
  • Time management skills are very important to succeed at home-based business.
home based franchises under 10k

home based franchises under 10k

What Should You Do?

First of all, you should determine what you want to do at home. Doing a professional job at home doesn’t mean you will succeed. Since the working conditions at home and at an outside office are very different, in many cases this choice ends with failure. Aware of it, many people choose according to their interest, not their profession.


Once you find the right franchise fitting you, you should check the requirements. Other than the requirements defined by the franchisor, you should check the local and national requirements.

For instance, The Federal Trade Commission requires all franchisors to provide a copy of the FTC Franchise Disclosure Document to potential franchisees at least 14 days before signing an agreement or paying money. Make sure you get one copy of this document.

How Much Money Should I Spend?

Once you decide to buy a home-based franchise, there are two types of costs you should consider. The initial payments are the costs you have to pay at the beginning. The ongoing fees include the amount you have to pay for the continuation of the business.

  • Initial Payments include:
  • Franchise fee if the franchisor you choose demands a payment for the brand name.
  • Business permit costs
  • Expenses for necessary materials and equipment
  • Investment to change a part of your house to an office
  • Ongoing Fees
  • Royalty fee paid for the continued use of the franchisor’s trademarks and patented processes. For instance, British Swim School demand 10% of the Gross Sales as a royal fee, while Chem-Dry determines a fixed amount of $400 per month.
  • Marketing, software and technology costs.
  • Ongoing training or assistance costs if demanded.
  • Extra costs you paid at your house that you won’t pay if there is no office there.

home based franchise opportunities

Home Based Franchises Under 1k

These are the cheapest franchises. Below, there are examples of home based franchises under 1k:

  • BeaconEdge is one of the leading companies in proximity and location-based marketing technology.

Minimum cash required: $149

Location: worldwide

Opportunities: Turn-key business, 100% your business, no experience

  • SocialOwl serves for the local social media business.

Minimum cash required: $149

Location: throughout the US

Opportunities: 100% your business, full-time assistant, set your own plan and pricing

  • MobileStampt is a local loyalty business.

Minimum cash required: $149

Location: worldwide

Opportunities: Turn-key business, 100% your business, no experience

  • SiteSwan Website Builder is providing all the technology, training and support you need to

earn money from building and selling websites to local businesses.

home based franchises 2018

home based franchises 2018

Minimum cash required: $300

Location: throughout the US and Canada

Opportunities: no experience, 100% your business, easy-to-use-software

As you can see, the cheapest home-based franchises are internet based franchises.

Home Based Franchises Under 10k

  • Speaking Roses is an official licensee to produce, sell and distribute this patented product that is making the flowers a way to express your messages.

Minimum cash required: $8,995

Location: Licenses and master licenses available in the worldwide.

Opportunities: completely new, extensive training, online calculation of potential profit.

  • Kinderdance International is the largest and fastest growing “Education through Dance, Motor Development, Gymnastics, Music and Fitness” program for children 15 months to 12 years.

Minimum cash required: $5,000

Location: throughout the US and many other countries

Opportunities: no experience, flexible hours, comprehensive training and ongoing support programs

  • Vernon Street Capital is a training program for the people who want to get started with the lending industry. By partnership, you are allowed to start your own financial service.

Minimum cash required: $5,995

Location: throughout the US

Opportunities: extensive training and supporting program, great income potential, 100% your business

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