Biscuit Making Business To Make Money

Biscuit Making Business To Make Money

In this article you can learn all the details about baking and selling cookies and how to earn money from it. Cookie business ideas is suitable for everybody who haven’t a permanent job and wants to work at home. You can make money with baking cookies. The type of cookies and biscuits has had so many variations and you can bake easily and market to various activities.

Cookie business ideas

Cookie business ideas

Why Do I Choose Baking Cookie Business?

There is particular advantages of baking and selling cookies. We will share the advantages one by one below:

1 – Cost is Low

Cookie business is a low cost business for beginners. If you want to quit, it doesn’t effect your budget.

2 – Easy to Bake

The ingredients are less than other desserts and baking time is short as 15 – 20 min. And the variety of cookies is so much, you can change the ingredients and decorate the cookies as you wish.

Cookie business idea

Cookie business idea

How Can You Start To Make Money From Baking Cookies?

There are several ways to make money by baking cookies. Firstly, feasibility should be prepared, and the basic inputs and outputs should be determined well.

  • First you need to create a business plan.

​​​​​​​It is inevitable that you will fail when it doesn’t identify the stages of the job properly.

  • Decide which kind of cookies do you sell.

You should specify the cookie types and create output list accordingly.

Make money from baking cookies

Make money from baking cookies

  • Set your pricing.

You can determine the price by searching market prices. But you can calculate your seling price using this formula: 2 x (Overhead Cost (as Electricity, Water etc.) + Labour Cost (The time that you prepare and bake) + Supplies per Cookie)

  • You should choose the customer group.

If you determine to whom do you want to sell your cookies, you can easily bake deliciously the cookie type that they want. For example; if you choose the customer group that gives babyshower parties, you can say that i bake pink and blue cookies. Then you can buy your ingredients as wholesale and for better price.

  • You should specify the payment channel.

You can choose PayPal or another platform getting payments.

How can I bake cookies?

How can I bake cookies?

  • You should choose the selling channel.

You can sell the cookies that you baked online for order based production. You can use Instagram, Facebook etc. or you can make a website.

How Can You Bake Cookies? 

The most important thing to start cookie business is to know how to bake cookie. You can learn online to baking cookies. Then you can add various ideas to baking cookies.

  • You can use Youtube channels for cookie recipes.
  • Some of Instagram and Facebook pages is included many recipes for baking cookies.
Cookie business

Cookie business

How Can You Earn Money From Baking Cookie Business?

Before you start making money by baking cookies, you need to apply that we described above.

Because of cookie types is too much, it is not correct calculating ingredient based cost. So let’ s calculate the cost as working hour based:

If you want to work from home 6 hours, and average cost of one cookie is 45 cent. Let’ s say there is 20 cookies on a tray. You can prepare and bake a tray of cookies in 30 min.  Then you can calculate how can you earn in one day by baking cookie:

6 hour = 360 min.  it means you can bake 360/30 = 12 trays of cookies.

12 x 20 = 240 cookies

240 x 45 cent = 10800 cent = 108 $ per day.

And 30 x 108 = 3240 $ per month. It is average money you can earn when you are baking cookies.


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