Be A Human Billboard As a Side Job

Be A Human Billboard As a Side Job

Probably you have already seen people holding a billboard while you are walking or driving in the Street. Many local companies use human billboard advertising to attract attention of people. According to researches, the human billboard can boost the sales by 30-50%.

Consider the big billboards in the street you pass every day. After a while you get used to see them and even don’t aware of what is written there, which company hire for which product etc. On the other hand, it is obvious that human billboards are more remarkable. Do you want to know why companies still prefer human billboards in the digital age and how you can earn money from this easy side job? Then keep reading.

What Is A Human Billboard Job?

A human billboard is a way of advertisement. Typically, local companies like fast food restaurants, travel agents etc. use this method. For instance, specially it is very popular in suburban America.

In general, it is effective for products or services that can be consumed quickly. To get a successful result from this method, the message on the billboard should direct people to a company’s product or service immediately. Otherwise, people see, read, but then forget.

In short, although it is an effective way to get attention of the people, the impact disappears in a short time.

The job is easy. A company hires someone to hold a banner and walk through the street. The aim is attracting people and making them to go nearby place of the company.

In the regions where the rules and regulations about street adverts are strict, human directional is more common. Companies hire someone to hold a sign for directing people to the shop or restaurant. You may also demand to keep menus, brochures, business cards etc.  Lastly, they may also prefer fancy clothes or dress up like company’s mascot.

human billboard advertising

human billboard advertising

Advantages of Human Billboard Advertises

You may ask in a digital age with many social platforms to advertise and promote, why companies still use this method. There are some advantages of this method like:

  • Job can be offered to anyone. So it is really cheap.
  • It is interactive. Face to face interaction has a higher impact than fixed billboards.
  • It is mobile. You can reach much more people in a given period.
  • The company can arrange the time schedule to use it. She can use it when the streets are busy like rush hours.

Of course it is not an alternative to social media advertises, but it is really working for some local firms.

Think that you are on the way to home after a heavy working day and you see advertise of delicious hamburgers. It is more likely to stop by the restaurant, isn’t it? Probably an advertiser of a computer or a holiday will not attract you at all.

Who Can Do It?

Actually, it is an easy way to earn some extra money and everyone can do it. You don’t need any skills or experience. Even disabled people can do it by not walking, but hanging around or just standing in a corner with a banner.

Requirements to Become A Human Billboard

Although it is an easy job, there are many regulations. Generally, these are not special for human billboards, but rules and regulations on placing adverts on the streets.  Moreover, because of the competition acts, these are so strict in some countries.

You may need to get a license before going out with a banner. However, it is not your obligation. Before going out to promote for a company, ask whether they get the necessary permission for you. Otherwise, you may get in trouble.

human billboard salary

human billboard salary

How Much Time I Should Spend?

In general, you can do it as a side job at weekends or after your regular job. However, some firms hire someone for day long. If you have time, you may work eight to ten hours a day like a full time job.

How Much Money I Can Earn?

As all side jobs, human billboard salary depends on how much time you devoted to it. In general, it is not high, but helps you to compensate kitchen expenses. In general, firms offer you more as you direct more customers to the place. Depending on the season, you earn $2- $10 per hour on average.  Typically, you get paid in cash.

How I Can Find A Human Billboard Job?

If you have already seen a human billboard on your street, it is a good sign. You can speak with the firm hiring human billboard to learn whether they need extra billboards. You can also contact with other companies.

If you don’t ever see a concept like that prepare a brochure. Offer companies to hire billboards on you for money. To be successful, you should study the advantages of the human billboards and also what will it bring to the company.

If you have more time to devote this job, you can create a blog and open social media accounts to promote what you are doing. Since the only limit is your creativeness in here, you can create a team and start to make difference for companies. If you wonder more on that Street Fighter Media can be a good example for you.

human billboard advertising

human billboard advertising

An Example: Street Fighter Media

Street Fighter Media give human billboard serves to companies in almost all over Australia. They call what they are doing as a guerrilla and ambient marketing which focus on Local Area Marketing. As a human billboard, they work in teams, including two or four people to increase the impact of the work. They also encourage people to work with them as a side job.

A Success Story: I Wear T-Shirt

Another success story is I Wear T-shirt company. It is founded by Jason Sandler in 2009 and run until 2013. For over 5 years, Sandler wear T-shirt as human billboard and worked for more than 1500 businesses. The idea behind this profitable business is traditional human billboards. What Sandler did is combining this traditional way of advertising with the opportunities of social media. And it works. He earned approximately $1.000.000 from this job.

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