20 Best Apps To Make Money

20 Best Apps To Make Money

Today, many opportunities are available in making extra money almost without any extra effort. Many people are interested in best money making apps 2019 since it is the easiest way among all other alternatives. While you cannot expect to become rich, you can fund your cinema tickets, books, phone bill or a dinner by these applications.

And this is easy as someone paying you while waiting in lines, running across the city, shopping, driving etc.

best money making apps 2019

best money making apps 2019

How Do Apps Pay?

There are different ways you can use apps for the sake of your benefit.

  • Pay In Cash: The most popular ones are the apps which pay you cash. However, apps that pay you real money are more difficult to find compared to others.
  • Pay In Points: The most common apps are paying you in points or gift cards that you can use in contracted shops.
  • Pay to Save: Some apps cash back some percent of the spending you made.

How Can You Earn Money?

The apps developed for smartphones pay for different reasons. Among all the most popular tasks are:

  • Joining market research,
  • Surveys,
  • Offer opinions,
  • Playing games,
  • Website testing,
  • Writing comments,
  • Watching videos,
  • Referral programs,
  • Selling photographs,
  • Selling second-hand items,

If you prefer making money without extra physical effort, the most popular apps are market research and surveys. However, you can earn more little effort like selling something on apps or completing an easy task neighborhood.

Do you want to turn the time you are spending on your phone into cash? Download these apps to your phone, complete the tasks and start to make money.

apps that pay you real money

apps that pay you real money

Important Tips Before Downloading Apps

Although, it is easy and popular there are many fake apps committing to pay. The real challenge is to find the best and right apps.

  • First, check the ratings of the apps and read the comments.
  • Check the payment options and make sure one of them is available for you.
  • Don’t expect to become rich.
  • Download free apps.
  • Most of the apps pay after some amount is cumulated in your account.

Make Money With Market Research and Survey Apps

One of the popular categories is market research apps. You can download apps and answer questions related to some specific sectors. You are getting paid per each research or survey.

  1. Google Surveys

It is a free app. You are making money answering the surveys. You can increase your chance to get a survey by letting Google know where you have been before. You are paid 10 cents to a dollar worth of Google Play credits. You can buy a movie, books, games etc from Google Store.

  1. Money App

It is a market research app. You are paid for completing tasks like offering opinions, playing games, testing services etc. The advantage is the possibility of getting paid within two or three working days. It is one of the best apps to make money fast.  The payment is made through PayPal account.

  1. PanelPlace

It is a survey app.  You can get surveys from popular survey sites and it is one of the best paying apps among the survey apps.

  1. American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

ACOP is one of the best among this category; however, it is only for Apple users at least for now. It is not one of the money making apps for android phones. It is one of the best and quickly paying apps.

money making apps for android phones

money making apps for android phones

Watch Video App To Make Money

You can earn money with watching videos while you are in a queue, in your lunch break, traveling etc.

  1. Perk TV:

This app focuses only on watching videos. It is a passive income earner app such that you don’t have to actively follow the videos. Moreover, you can run multiple devices at the same time and earn more money. You can earn about $40- $50 dollars per month which can meet your phone bill.

  1. App Trailers:

It is also focusing on videos. A new user gets 50 points bonus. For each video you watched, you get 5 points. The videos are short that takes 30-60 seconds on average. Unlike Perk TV, you can run one device per account.

  1. Adfun:

The apps pay you to watch videos. You can increase your gains by sharing the videos on social platforms and make more people watch. The more people you make people interact with video, the more points you will get. With a unique payment structure, you are paid by bidding and redeeming points for a prize. It is a really fun way to earn money.

Make Money With Referral Programs

If you have a good network, you can easily earn money through referral programs. With these programs, you earn as one uses your referral code. Some apps also offer extra payments.

Certainly, these are not apps designed only for these programs. In fact, this is an additional payment option. However, some of the apps have really good programs.

  1. Swagbucks:

In fact, Swagbucks is a task director app. as mentioned above.  On the other hand, the referral program is one of the strongest sides of this app. If one of your friends use your referral code while downloading, you will get 10% of all income she gets. You may demand cash through PayPal or gift cards. You are also paid $5 registration bonus.

  1. Fusion Cash

This is also one of the task director android apps that pay money.   You are paid for taking a survey, listening music, advertisements etc. This app also has an excellent referral program. When your referral confirms their email you get $1, extra $2 when she completes a Pay-To-Sign-U offer. Moreover, you get $5 each time she cashes out. You are also paid $5 registration bonus.

  1. Earning Station

You get paid $10 as a registration bonus when you sign-up for 5 of their partner sites. For each friend you refer, you get 10% of all of their all earnings. When she gets first $5, you get also $5 provided that she did it in her first month.


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